Do you want to trade Verizon stock as Binary Option?

Verizon, christened Verizon Communications is an American telecommunications company based in New York City. It is reputed for being the largest local telephone company in United States of America for the with a record of providing 63 million telephone lines in 40 states. Apart from ...
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Samsung Stock Analysis for Binary Options traders!

Stock analysis is a very crucial strategy of trading in binary options.  Understanding the knowledge of how stocks behave on the market aids you to either invest in a company or not. The brilliant way is to ensure that you produce the best value of ...
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Oil Price | Unpromising Future of the Oil Refineries in Iraq

Since the discovery of major oil refines in Iraq, the country has been a constant piece of attraction and intervention of political corruption, military involvement and foreign debt. But it’s a misfortune of the country that Iraq has been under continuous encounter with conflicts. This ...
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Keep this in mind when trading Binary Options with Gold!

Gold is a valuable and precious metal dated back in history.  It used for making coins, jewelry and for monetary purposes. There have been many predictions of gold prices from 1974 to date. This article will base mainly on the prices of gold and the ...
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Basic analysis of USD and EUR correlation

Euro is the official currency used in the European Zone and it consists of 18 member states of the European Union. USD stands for United States Dollar (USD). The pair of currencies has long prevailed in Forex and other foreign and local stock exchange platforms ...
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Shale gas Production influencing Binary Options Traders

Will extraction of shale gas stabilize natural gas prices?

“Black gold” is making this planet turn around. Can you imagine how would our life look like without oil and its companion natural gas? This fact is one of the main preoccupations of every country in the world. Energy stability and sufficiency is becoming one of ...
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Binary Options Scam Broker Warning

Optimarkets Scam Warning | Withdraw money from Optimarkets! wants to warn its readers through this Optimarkets Scam Warning that Binary Broker Optimarkets is a scam. Do not trade, leave your data or make any deposit with them and withdraw your money ASAP! Optimarkets has been accused for many times of scamming its ...
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Australian dollars and regulation of binary options trading in Australia

Binary Options Regulation in Australia

Binary Options Trading is getting back to track in Australia after Australian soccer team returned from Brazil. Now Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sidney and other cities can continue with normal lives. In “normal life” you have to be able to buy yourself food, pay your rent and/or ...
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Regulation of binary options trading in the EU European Union

Regulation of Binary Options in Europe and European Union

21st century brings us revolution in doing business. As the start of revolution begun in the fall of 20th century we can now say that the world has changed and modern business is run in the virtual world known as World Wide Web. In the ...
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Binary options brokers offering high bonuses for their traders

Are Binary Options scam? Is Binary Options Trading a scam?

Binary Options Trading is now living in its early days and, as the things are now, they are going to continue to grow. Already today, we are witnessing huge volume of trades on Binary Options market and this fact is beneficial to many factors around ...
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