24winner Review

WARNING: This broker has been shut down due to numerous complaints and security issues. We strongly recommend trading with regulated and trusted brokers.

24winner Broker Review

24winner Broker Review

24winner is a fully licensed and EU regulated binary options company that offers a variety of broking services to its traders – a brand new user-experience interface and a fully customer-oriented service. It perfectly suits both newcomers and advanced users. This binary options company is designed to make online trading available to everyone, even those who have never previously encountered such services. 24winner stands out with their unique offer, advanced account types, and probably the best service experience available for potential clients.

24winner Review | Trading Options

24winner offers its clients many possible choices in which they can do binary trade. They are divided into four categories: stocks, currencies, commodities and indices are all available as tradable assets. Classic exchange is probably the easiest one to get accustomed to, as it offers the simplest binary trading method that currently exists on the market. The Pro Option offers a deeper insight into the assets, and gives you the opportunity to back out or prolong your transactions. Another option, called Touch/No Touch, helps when trading in fluctuating markets. The One Touch option revolves around a certain asset reaching a certain point before you can claim your winnings. The Speedmaster is limited to 60 seconds, and your decisions must be fast.

24winner Review | Trading Platform

This trading platform is easy to get used to, and it takes very little time to create an account and start bidding. It is extremely intuitive, easily navigable, with a simple design, offering as many options as you may require. This interface is easy to navigate for new users, but still offers depth to advanced users.


24winner Review | Trading Account Packages

There are three account types available to everyone, depending on their personal desires and needs. A Starter Account offers up to $250 welcome bonus, and requires $0 fees and commissions. A Pro Account is reserved for professionals; it includes a $500 welcome bonus, but the minimum deposit is set at $1000. A VIP Account has the greatest welcome bonus, $2500, while offering extra features such as off-trading hours and full-time customer support. All account types come with the same client protection insurance, keeping the trading safe, and only with verified assets.

All account types have the same security level, which is in strict compliance with European laws, and the highest levels of transparency of how business is performed. All of this has a goal to both maintain the privacy of their clients, their funds, but also to ensure that each and every transaction is verified.


24winner Review | Concluding Remarks

Since there is no download procedure needed, clients always have access to the latest versions available, which will offer the safest options put in place. Intuitive navigation and general simplicity are the two main traits that depict 24winner perfectly, making it the simplest option for new users. With their reliable customer support, everyone will find it extremely easy to use according to their own personal needs.




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Author: Mark Watson

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