500option Review

500option Broker Review

500option Broker Review

Today, 500option is one of the fastest growing binary option companies in the industry. They claim to be founded by experienced professionals plucked from the world of finance and that they offer numerous great opportunities to their clients. Obviously, when a new broker appears on the market, we have to examine it thoroughly, which is why we have prepared this extensive 500option review for you. And it’s a good thing we were so thorough in this research because otherwise we could have missed a major problem with this company. The broker’s offer is certainly an interesting blend of quality features, but it turns out that the people behind them are not honest and professional, which is a shame because 500option really shows a lot of potential.

Unfortunately, nothing can make up for the fact that this company is out to scam you, without any intention of providing you with a genuine trading experience. Nevertheless, we will give them credit in this 500option review where credit is due, but we just had to warn you in advance not to get tricked by what you see. Keep this in mind as you explore everything available on their website. Without further ado, let’s start with this 500option review. We have a lot of ground to cover, so stay with us and you will learn absolutely learn everything about this company.

500option Review | Tools

500option is partnered with the service provider Spot Option, providing total access to the highest of quality software for traders to work with. As stated in our 500option Review 2016, as well, the platform’s advanced features boast many different trading tools, including: Binary, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Second, One Touch, Ladder, FX/CFD, and Spot Follow options.

Binary: This trading platform allows 500option traders the ability to predict whether a chosen asset will finish higher or lower (predicting the expiry rate) than it’s current “strike rate” based on the entry point, market value, time of day, asset history and other determining factors.

Pairs: The Pairs platform allows the trader to select two currency assets at the same time, having them go head to head. The trader predicts whether the pair will finish higher or lower than the strike rate at the chosen expiration time.

Long Term: The Long Term platform option is similar to “Binary”, and allows traders to judge whether an asset will go up or down based on the entry value point. The difference is that this option does not start and expire on the same day.

Sixty Second: This option is a quick type of investment, with results showing in as little as 30 seconds. The trader predicts whether the asset will go either up or down and executes the trade at the desired entry value. The trade then expires in either 30, 60, or 120 seconds, with results and potential profits occurring simultaneously as well, as seen in this 500option review.

One Touch: One Touch is unique from all the other trading options in that it allows traders to trade even when the financial markets are closed. This option offers higher payout rates than other binary products offered. Rather than predicting whether a trade will expire above or below the strike rate, the trader instead selects a “goal rate” that the asset only has to hit once before the time of expiry.

Ladder: The Ladder option gives traders the option of multiple strike rates. Traders choose a strike rate, and then determine whether the asset will be above or below said strike rate at the

500option Ladder

Time of expiry: Because there are multiple strike rates to choose from, traders have the opportunity to open multiple positions on a single asset, which greatly increases the chance for profit.

FX/CFD: The Forex feature allows traders ability to predict whether the value of a currency will rise or fall by the time of expiry.

Spot Follow: Spot follow is a great way for less experienced traders to profitably “follow” more experienced traders as they make their trades. The less experienced trader selects a trader to follow, and chooses how much to invest and how long to follow the experienced trader. The less experienced trader’s account then automatically trades whenever the more experienced trader does.

Concluding 500option review about trading platform, with such a wide range of trading tools available, along with the vast amounts of assets provided to trade with, traders have endless possibilities of ways to make profit. Unfortunately, as our 500option Scam Test has proven, all these possibilities are a clever way to deceive traders who will think that they are dealing with a reliable company after seeing the quality of their platform. However, this is not the case. 

500option Review | Education & Training

To continue with 500option review, Education Center provides comprehensive materials to train and educate new traders on how to invest wisely. This allows new traders the ability to learn at their own pace, at their own convenience. Again, a really good offer, but after our experience with this broker we can only conclude that this is another way of lulling their victims into a false sense of security. You can actually see why we think it’s such a shame that this broker is not reliable because they really have a lot offer. On the other hand, it’s quite staggering to see how far scammers are willing to go grab what doesn’t belong to them.  


500option Review | Assets Available

To get back to the trading platform a bit, 500option gives traders easy access to nearly every profitable asset in the market, with all major Stocks, Indices, Currencies and Commodities available. Again, a very nice selection and a whole lot of possibilities for traders. Not a big surprise, given that this is SpotOption platform we are talking about here. This is currently the best platform in the industry, so this level of quality should not surprise us. Without any doubt, everyone should be able to find something for themselves here, but we repeat, don’t let this offer seduce you because there is a high possibility you won’t see your money again once you deposit it here and we’ll show you what we mean in the rest of this 500option review. 

500option Deposit

500option Review | Customer Support

The next part of our 500option review will deal with the support you get from this company’s staff. There are many ways to contact them, even Skype is included and the support is available in several different languages. On paper, therefore, it looks really good because you should be able to contact them at any time and in any way you want. However, when we wanted to complain about our withdrawal problem and ask for some sort of help, all communication channels went silent. Our requests got completely ignored, so it seems reasonable to concluded that they are also in on the scam. Too bad and very disappointing. 

500option Review | One-on-one personal Sessions

One thing that functions really well on this broker’s website are one-on-one sessions. They cover everything including basic training, uniquely tailored investment programs for traders according to their circumstances, as well as assistance with vital decisions about which investment strategies to utilize for greatest success.  This type of one of one personal contact allows the trader to develop a personal relationship with their broker, to get valuable training in the financial and investment world, and ultimately provide the tools for wiser decision making. However, when you’re dealing with a group of scammers, this can be extremely dangerous.

500option Withdrawal

500option Review | What happened?

So, what really happened? Well, it’s quite simple, really – we never got our money back after we initiated the withdrawal process. We fulfilled every single requirement 500option put in front of us and never got anything back. We’ve been waiting for weeks now, but to absolutely no avail. All deadlines have been breached and our money was supposed to be in our bank account ages ago, however – nothing. We cannot conclude anything else except that we have been scammed and that this broker is not worth your time and trust. Sure, we tried to get to the bottom of this by asking somebody from the support team, but as we have already said, after our withdrawal request we couldn’t establish any kind of contact.

Therefore, we cannot end this 500option review on a positive note. Too bad, because you can really find some very interesting features here. But since the people working here cannot be trusted, you would do well to avoid depositing money with this company. Why risk losing your money? There are so many other, more reliable brokers out there and we have even covered a lot of them on our website, so you can learn everything about them with just a few simple clicks. Don’t let brokers like 500option destroy your enthusiasm – binary options trading can be both fun and lucrative if done with a genuine broker.



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