500option Scam Alert

WARNING: This broker has been shut down due to numerous complaints and security issues. We strongly recommend trading with regulated and trusted brokers.

500option Scam Alert

500option Scam Alert

The number of binary options brokers has been increasing almost exponentially over the last few years, and many new possibilities for traders have appeared. Unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted, so you have to be careful when choosing your partner because there are scammers out there ready to cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Often these scammers go to great lengths to create an illusion of a genuine trading experience, only to deny you your funds when you want to make a withdrawal. That’s exactly why we decided to write this 500option Scam Alert – to warn our readers of the danger this broker poses to them. Read on and you will find out what we mean.

500option Scam Alert | Unsafe withdrawals

500option is still a fairly new broker on the market. At first glance, they offer a lot of interesting features, including a great SpotOption platform and numerous ways to deposit with them. All of this functions absolutely fine and that’s why you can easily think you’re dealing with a reliable broker. However, after several days of trading, we wanted to withdraw our money from our trading account we opened with them, and immediately after we filed in our withdrawal request all communication with their staff ceased. We never got our money back and that’s the reason for 500option Scam Alert. Believe us, we gave these people plenty of time to react and deliver our money, or just to tell us what’s going on, but absolutely nothing happened. Our money was gone and we had to warn you of that.

500option Withdrawal

500option Withdrawal

500option Scam Alert | Share your stories

If you have experienced a similar problem, there isn’t much this 500option Scam Alert can do for you. However, what you can do is to warn the community and tell your story publicly, so that as many people as possible can know to avoid this broker. A good place to do that is BinaryOptions-Forum.com, where a community of traders exchanges experiences they had with various brokers. There you can make your voice be heard and help make the binary options market a safer place. Given the fact that there are many other traders there, maybe you can get some good advice, too. In any case, connecting with fellow traders is always a good idea, especially because crating a profile on that forum is completely free.

500option Scam Alert | Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our 500option Scam Alert article and if there’s one thing you need to learn from the troubles we went through, it’s that flashy features don’t mean anything if the people behind the broker are not honest. Check the company you want to trade with thoroughly, (our reviews can help you with that) and try to be active in the trading community. That way you can help other traders and maybe even get somebody to help you with some useful advice. It’s all completely free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Quite the contrary!




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