500option Scam Test

500option Scam Inspection Reivew

500option Scam Inspection

500option is one of the newest brands on the market today, which is why it seems prudent to perform a 500option scam test. Since binary options have become quite popular over the last few years, scammers have also taken an interest in this industry. It turns out that this broker really needed to be checked because there were some significant problems we encountered while trading with them. Unfortunately, it seems that we have another scam broker on our hands. Read on and you will see why we say that.  

500option Scam Test | An elaborate scam

As you can see in our 500option Review 2016, there really are many interesting features this company offers. This primarily applies to their trading platform which is based on SpotOption software and functions without the slightest problem. Transfer methods are also quite numerous and include several well known brands, plus account types offer a lot of helpful details to all traders, no matter how (in)experienced they are. So why is this 500option scam test a failure? We will explain it thoroughly in the next paragraph.

500option Ladder500option Scam Test | Withdrawal problems

You see, everything with this broker functions absolutely fine until you wish to withdraw your money from your trading account. That’s when the problems start and that’s what we have to mention in this 500option scam test. We filled out our withdrawal form and sent it to the broker, but absolutely nothing happened. Yes, nothing! We waited more than a couple of weeks, which is longer than the broker asks for when it comes to this process, but not a single cent was delivered back to us. Even as we’re writing this, we are still waiting for our money, and at this point even if we get it (which doesn’t seem very probable) we would still consider 500option scam test a failure. After that, even more problems started happening, so don’t go away because we have more to tell you.


500option Long Term

500option Scam Test | Support blackout

Naturally, when something like this happens, you want to get as much information about it as possible. That’s why we tried to contact the broker’s support team and report the problem. However, it seems that the customer support was well aware of the way this “company” operates because all our attempts got completely ignored, which was not the case earlier. Simply, there was no way to establish communication with anyone that could help us, so that’s another 500option Complaint we have to make. After an experience like this, we simply cannot declare 500option scam test a success. This is not a broker we can recommend.

500option Withdrawal

500option Scam Test | Conclusion

Although at first this broker seems to be very interesting and reliable, our 500option scam test has proven otherwise. They may have a good platform and offer plenty of deposit methods and helpful features, but when people behind a broker are not honest, no amount of interesting details can fix that. We recommend that you find another trading partner to conduct you business with. There are plenty of reliable options right here on our website, so have a look around and see what suits you best. You don’t want this company to handle your money.

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Author: Mark Watson

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