6option Review 2015

6option Review

6option Review

6option is a binary options broker launched in 2013. During these last two couple of years, their website and their services have caused quite a lot of reactions, and not in a good way. Numerous people have been complaining that this broker is a scam dedicated only to stealing other people’s money. Because of this, we decided to investigate this broker thoroughly and tasked our best experts with examining the company’s offer. The results were actually quite shocking and we decided to share our experience with you. Hopefully, you will learn from our 6option Review 2015 and avoid trading with this broker at all costs. Here’s why.

6option Review 2015 | Deposit and withdrawal

At first, it all looked pretty promising. The minimum deposit amount is set to $200, which is a pretty good deal and a fairly average amount in this industry. When you realize that the minimum trade requirement is only $5, thing begin to look even better. Many brokers demand higher minimum trades that that and 40 trades for a minimum deposit really looks very tempting. All standard transfer methods are available, meaning that you can transfer your funds via wire transfers, credit cards and even some online transfer methods. The broker even proudly states that all the financial data you share with them will be protected by SSL encryption. In addition, 6option Withdrawal was said to last from 5 to 7 days, another fairly standard feature in the industry. So as far as this part of 6option Review 2015 is concerned, it all seems perfectly legit. However, there was still much more to investigate, so we went on to see other aspects of the company’s offer.

6option Review 2015 | Trading platform

Trading platform was where we first started to get a little bit suspicious. It is of the company’s own design and features only 60 assets or so. That is a fairly low number of trading options, but this is not very rare in this industry. Simply, we thought that a new company trying to attract as many traders as possible would offer more is terms of assets. However, they do have a 6option Demo Account available, so we were able to test the platform without risking any of our money and it all went smoothly. In addition, the platform is also available for mobile devices, both on iPhones and Android devices, so our suspicions were quelled when we found that out. All in all, the platform functioned well enough that we were able to continue with our 6option Review 2015. It seemed that, although lacking in versatility, it shows that its creators invested a lot of effort to make sure people can trade wherever they are and that they can test it out first.

6option Review Demo Account

6option Review 2015 | Other numbers

As we examined more features, we stumbled upon the broker’s bonus policy. This seemed to be very attractive because it offered a 150% bonus to those traders who decide to open higher-tier accounts. This is quite an intriguing offer because most brokers will give you approximately 100% bonus with their top accounts, so to get this kind of offer was quite surprising. At the time, it seemed that this could be 6option’s trump card, especially when we realized that there were ways to get up to 318% profit if you traded with this company in a particular way. Again, this was not something unheard of because there are reputable brokers that offer extremely high payouts in special trading modes. This all seemed quite attractive, so we were eager to start trading and see how it all plays out. Obviously, we couldn’t finish 6option Review 2015 without testing the broker for ourselves, so we opened an account and started trading. That’s when the troubles started.

6option Wtihdrawal

6option Review | Problems

After several days of trading and moderate success, we decided to withdraw our money and filled out our withdrawal request. It was then sent to the broker along with all documents the company required. However, after waiting for seven days as instructed by 6option, our money was still not in our bank account. We decided to wait a couple of more days, but when we saw that our money was not going to come, we decided to call them and see what’s going on. It turned out that one of the phone numbers listed on the website does not work at all, while the other one we tried was always putting us on hold without anyone ever bothering to answer us. Live chat was also of no use to us, as there was no answer at all and we couldn’t even ask anyone what the status of our withdrawal request. We contacted traders who warned us of this broker’s behavior and it turned out that they had experienced the very same thing and that they had been waiting for their money for several months, but with no reply to their withdrawal request. At this point we had to conclude that we were scammed and that we have to warn people not to trade with this broker in our 6option Review 2015. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from trading with this company. You will only lose your money. Is 6option a Scam in 2015? Unfortunately, yes.

6option Review | Conclusion

6option Review 2015 cannot be concluded on a positive not. Yes, the broker has some very interesting features, for example high bonuses and payouts, but this is all completely worthless because you can never get your hard-earned money with them. Once you request a withdrawal, you will essentially be blocked by the company and will not be able to reach them in any of the standard ways (chat, phone, e-mail). We would therefore strongly advise against opening an account with this broker because you are likely to lose everything you deposit. Stick with brokers that are known for their reliability and stay as far away from 6option as you can.

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Author: Mark Watson

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