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6option Review

6option Review

Binary options is a relatively new industry, with new brokers constantly popping up on the market. Unfortunately, a small portion of these companies are not legit and they only aim to take away your money without ever giving you a chance to become a successful trader. That is why it’s important to inform yourself before you open an account and deposit your money, and to help you with that we decided to write this 6option Review. In it, we will test all the most important features of this company’s offer and show you what to expect here. Let’s go!

6option Review | Trading Platform

The first thing we want to examine in this 6option review is the trading platform. Like all other trading websites, the 6option also offers a complete trading platform with a range of tools and application, data dashboard to trade on the assets of your choice. The website set up is convenient to ease out the binary trading practices for the novices. Some of the important characteristics of the 6option include touch, no touch and range options, so you really have a decent number of possibilities at your disposal. Based on their research system on major social networking platforms, 6option offer assets from different parts of the world to trade. At present, you can choose to trade with 60 different assets on their website. There is even a free 6option Demo Account for you to use as you see fit, so it all seems to check out. However, things are not as good as they seem here. Continue with or 6option Review to find out why.  


6option Review | Customer Service

6option supposedly has 24×7 customer service support to help the traders with their problems and trade practices. The services including the withdrawal facilities are available throughout the day to provide instant payouts. 6option professionals have a unique online education center to train the traders and help them with the comprehensive trading practices, rules etc. The site offers the most in-depth training material on trading and market analysis. But because it was very difficult to actually talk to somebody form the support team, we began to be suspicious of this company’s good intents. Our suspicions were very soon proven to be correct.
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6option Review | Transfer methods

Obviously, transfer methods cannot be skipped in any decent 6option Review, and this is the part of the company’s offer we have the most problems with. Sure, $200 minimum deposit sounds very fair and there are plenty of available methods to complete it, but it’s the 6option Withdrawal process where everything starts going wrong. You see, although the broker promises to deliver your money within seven days after you file your withdrawal request, in reality that never happens. They simply take your money and ignore all your attempts at communication. As far as we can see, we are not the only ones who have complaints about this company’s behavior, so we suggest you don’t invest with them at all.


6option Review | Conclusion

Unfortunately, we have to end this 6option Review on a negative note. The fact that you cannot count on safe delivery of your hard-earned money cannot be justified in any way. Too bad, because there really are some very interesting features here and had the people behind this company been sincere, we would have a very good broker on our hands. As it stands, 6option is to be avoided at all costs.


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