Scam Alert | 6option shutdown

WARNING: This broker has been shut down due to numerous complaints and security issues. We strongly recommend trading with regulated and trusted brokers.

6option Shutdown

6option Shutdown

Launched in 2013, 6option was the bane of many traders. Although they offered some very interesting features, this company quickly gained a bad reputation due to the fact that it rarely fulfilled its promises, especially those directly involving money. Numerous traders invested money with them, only to find out later that they cannot reach it and that they have absolutely nobody to turn to for help. Fortunately, this broker will trouble traders no more. We are happy to inform you about 6option shutdown, as this broker’s website has ceased with all activities and you cannot open an account or trade there anymore. Read on to learn the cause of this.

6option shutdown | One scam less

We experienced problems as soon as we tested this broker. In our 6option Review, we said that the whole concept of this broker was a very detailed and clever scam. They actually implemented some very interesting features on their website, in order to attract more unsuspecting victims. You could, for example, open a free demo account or actually educate yourself about trading binary options in their education center. Even the trading platform performed well and some very attractive bonuses were promised to everyone who decided to deposit here, so a lot of people really believed that they will be given a fair chance to earn some profit. This, however, was not the case, and we were actually very pleased to hear of 6option shutdown. Great news for the industry.


6option shutdown | What was wrong

So what was the main issue with this broker? In short, 6option Withdrawal. When you wanted to transfer your funds back to your bank account, your withdrawal request would simply be ignored and you couldn’t ask anyone from the company to help. This is exactly what happened to us, so we can tell you from our own experience that this broker means trouble. 6option shutdown had to come a lot sooner because it’s companies like these that can hurt the industry’s reputation a lot. 6option shutdown is also a small satisfaction to all those traders who were robbed by these people, although it will not bring their money back. We are happy that there is now one threat less in the world of binary options and we will continue to analyze brokers to help you make the right choice. Don’t let the existence of 6option fool you – there are plenty of honest and hard-working brokers out there.

6option shutdown | Conclusion

And that’s about everything we have to say about 6option shutdown. It should have been done sooner because the evidence against this company was already there, but better late than never. A lot of people were scammed and we hope we won’t see this type of broker emerging ever again. We have to stress once more that there are numerous legit brokers out there, and we have already covered many of them. Choose one of them, open an account and you will see why binary options have become so popular in just a few years.




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Author: Ben Prescott

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