72 Option Withdrawal Review

WARNING 72 Option is currently under investigation due to numerous complaints we have received from our readers. For list of 100% safe and trusted brokers please click here.


72 Option Withdrawal Review

72 Option Withdrawal Review

72 Option is leading the board when it comes to ranking as one of the best binary option brokers. With their superior trading platform, accompanied with the high pay-out rates, binary option traders are switching brands so that they can trade on 72 Option’s trading floor. From more information about the company and their trading policies read the article 72 Option Review. In this section the withdrawal process will be detailed in greater depth.


Transferring money in and out of a trading account must be made electronically. The two most common forms are via bank wire or by credit/debit cards. When making a transfer be sure to have your information at hand to ease the process when dealing with the accounting department.


Although the process of registering with any binary option brokerage is quick and easy, as you only need to put in your name and email, when you actually become a member of the firm you will need to go through the entire process which consists of speaking with a representative as you’ll need to send in your information to prove that you are who you say you are so as to prevent any form of fraud.

Included with presenting your proof of residency and state issued ID, a copy of your credit card will be needed if you are using your credit card along with your trading account. There tends to be a three day waiting processing period, along with a waiting time of five to seven days before the funds are delivered to you.

Withdrawals may only be made with a minimum amount of $30 for credit cards and $100 on wire transfers, as there are processing fees which are paid by the broker. These are actually quite attractive numbers when you compare them to many other companies in the industry.

72option withdrawal


Withdrawal cancellations may be made at any time by contacting your broker directly and telling them on the phone or with an email. The withdrawal, although already in process, may be cancelled upon the request of the trader, which canbe useful if your account gets to the point where it falls below what was requested. This is not a normal circumstance, but on the rare occasion that this happens, the brokers at 72 Options seem to have found a suitable solution to help their traders.


Safely and legality are always an issue with online investments. The 72 Option banking system is secure as they follow the trading regulations of CySec. The legal situation of the agency was setup to protect investors as well as the brokerages, and any problems are monitored and sorted by the organization.

72 Option has state of the art technology, which helps secure the transfer of funds as the online credit payments are made using an instilled SSL encryption, which further protects the credit card user from misuse. So, in theory, everything seems to be set up professionally, as these are all features every serious broker will offer to its clients. But this is not the whole story. Read what happens when you actually try to make a transfer from your trading account.

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Every successful trader at one point will want to make a withdrawal from their accounts. The process follows a few simple steps online, as well as speaking with the brokerage. However, despite everything seeming plausible on paper, some issues do appear when you initiate your 72 Option withdrawal. There tends to be a waiting period, as mentioned above, for the transfer to go through, but it is supposed to only take a few days to transfer your winnings from your trading account to your banking account/credit cards.  

Unfortunately, we have been receiving quite a lot of complaints about this part of the process recently. Many people state that their funds never reach them and that the broker simply ceases communication after that. This prompted us to return to the website and test the process one more time. We’re afraid we can confirm these stories because the same thing happened to us. The process was initiated as usual, but the money never arrived to our accounts. Too bad, because the process, just like the broker, showed a lot of promise and seemed to be serious and professional.


The withdrawal process at 72 Option was supposed to be standard and up to par with any brokerage that follows suit with their mandatory compliance. All transfers made seemed to require approval by both the individual investor as well as by the brokerage. Claims that transfers are secured as they use SSL encrypted codes for credit card and wire transfers may be true, but they are worth nothing if the company is not willing to fulfill its part of the deal. In the end, we can only advise you not to start investing with this broker because the safety of your fund and quite possibly your data cannot be guaranteed. Instead, check out some other brokers we’ve analyzed to find a more reliable one.


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