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Apple is an American company based in California State, United States of America. It is a company that deals with designing, developing and selling of electronics, provision of online services and personal computers. Apple has been ranked as the second IT firm in terms of generation of revenue after Samsung. It generated a total revenue of $US170.91billion in 2013 and $US156.508 billion in 2012. The total assets of the company were valued at $US207.0billion in 2013. An increase of $30.936 from the previous US$176.064 recorded in 2012.

From the technical analysis of Apple stock, it is evident that news can transform the performance of a firm. Let’s consider the company’s stock exchange in early 2012. At that time, the stock prices were trending drastically but Apple was able to record positive returns which came as a surprise for many. The outcome was due to the bad news of the company’s performance. But that was just for a day.

Let’s then consider the 2013 financial year. What transpired for Apple in the level of their stock prices? The price of a stock was $94.22 with a recorded change of -1.17 and -1.227%.  Being an investor, you may really need to know the share prices of Apple in 2014.

As per the analysis done on 9th July 2014, Apple stock was selling at $95.39 with a pre-market of $93.87. From the data, there was a stock margin change of $1.52. This is a great chance for those investors who want to trade with binary options brokers. Apart from that, its current volume is 35,514,118 with a market capacity of 575.17B and average volume of 66,018,300.

Making close comparison of the company’s stock price over the past year, we can deduce the price of its stock in the future. As for September 2013, the price range was from $61- $70. The months of March 2014 to May it recorded a stock price margin of $76 – $85. As for July 14th, the prices are expected to be higher than $95.39.

Apple and China mobile agreed to sign a deal to sale its iPhone brand to expand its market in China. This will greatly increase the stock turnover of the firm. Apart from that, China has an average number of 700 million subscribers in its market. In addition, recent Apple’s purchase of Twitter’s Topsy Labs worth $ 200 million will lead to a positive growth. Make your best investments with Binary Options brokers today and get the best trades!


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