Review 2021 is a broker based in Malta (with physical offices in Malaysia, Paraguay, and UAE) and a company that has been a part of the trading industry since the year 2000. With that much experience, you know you can expect a lot in terms of features, and these guys certainly don’t disappoint. Loads of investment options, as well as several choices of trading platform accompanied by some very low financial requirements, are a guarantee that you will find what you need on their website.

To prove that, we conducted a series of tests, with the results explained right down to the tiniest detail in the rest of this review. Therefore, if you want to know why this company is so successful, just keep reading! Review | History is actually a new name of the world-famous broker THAT’s why we can say that this broker has been around for more than 20 years and that it has so many clients although you may have not heard of it yet. The company decided only recently to make this move, primarily because they are looking to upgrade things from a technological perspective and enrich the offer they have on their website. So, a pretty dramatic overhaul is in front of us, but the important thing to know is that you can still access your trading account with your credentials. No problem, you can log in whenever you want, only you will be trading in a slightly different environment. And if you’ve been a client of their for a while, you’re probably excited to see what’s in store for you in the near future. So, let’s get this review on the road!


We will start things off with a look at the available account types. There are actually only two account types available – the demo account and the real account. With the demo account, you get 10,000 virtual USD to spend as you please on the available platforms (more on them a bit later). You can easily practice, explore and test out your new ideas and strategies in a completely safe environment. Whatever you want to do risk-free can be done with this demo account.
The other option, if you feel ready for real trading, is to open a Real Account. We believe that the fact you have only one live trading account is an excellent and a very trader-friendly choice by the broker because it doesn’t leave any features hidden behind a paywall. In other words, you don’t have to make a bigger deposit to make a thing like higher leverage available to you. Even playing field for everyone.
It should also be mentioned that opening an account with is very easy, as you can use your Facebook and Google profiles to set everything up if you so desire. A few clicks is all you need. But that’s just the beginning of great things this Review has in store for you, so don’t go away. Review | Deposit and withdrawal

When we said that you have loads of options here, the number of payment methods is the best proof we weren’t kidding. You can choose between literally hundreds of different ways of transferring money to and from your account! It seems like the company really has developed its offer quite thoroughly over the last 19 years. You can wire the money via Sticpay, airtm and other internet banking systems, as well as by using your MasterCard, Visa and Maestro credit and debit cards. The payment methods also include e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney, but where this company truly shines is the number of cryptocurrencies they support – literally hundreds of them can be used! So make your choice; if these guys don’t have what you’re looking for, nobody does!

As for the numbers, prepare to be very pleasantly surprised once again because minimum deposit is set to only $5! Yes, five dollars is all you need to start an account here, which is one of the lowest, if not the very lowest deposit requirement in the whole industry. We must also mention that you can choose four different currencies for this: USD, AUD, EUR, and GBP (along with cryptocurrencies, of course). All deposits will be visible in your trading account instantly except those that are made by bank transfers, which take one day to arrive. bank wire payment card payment e-wallet payment minimum withdrawal is just as low ($5), with absolutely no fees involved in this process. It usually takes one business day to process the withdrawal request, and we can from our own experience say that the money transfer system works perfectly. The reason for that will be made clear in the following part of our review, but if you were pleasantly surprised with this part you’re going to love what we have in store for you next. Stay with us, we’re just getting started!


You may be wondering what proof we have that is legit. Well, it just so happens that is regulated. Not by one, not by two regulatory bodies, but by seven of them. Yes, seven! We have never seen anything like it, since usually brokers are regulated by one, maybe two agencies. But to have seven different licenses is really something special. Because of that, there is absolutely no point in even asking is a scam because your question will be shut down by people from literally all over the world. The agencies in question are: Gambling Supervision Commission from the Isle of Man, UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Malta Financial Services Authority, Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, Labuan Financial Services Authority and British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. That’s a pretty impressive list. Therefore, you can be absolutely certain that no kind of scam or fraud can happen. Brokers really don’t get much safer than this. However, we would still argue that there are even more impressive things we can discuss, as the next part of this review will show. Don’t go away! Regulation Regulation Review | Trading platforms and apps

When you complete the login and want to start trading with this broker, you can actually choose between several different trading platforms! trading platforms are divided into two categories – Beginner and Advanced. The first one contains SmartTrader, which is a really nice and simple way to trade binary options if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Great interface and quick responses will make sure your experience is always the best possible one. The Advanced category is more diverse, with MetaTrader 5 leading the way there. Apart from that, however, you can also trade via Binary WebTrader or even set up Binary Bot to do the trading for you. In addition, there are two charting platforms you can use, as well – TradingView and SmartCharts. It should be noted that the minimum investment you can make is just one dollar, so we can safely say that has some of the lowest financial requirements in the world.
The trading platforms here also offers some very interesting ways to trade. Lookbacks stand out in particular, but you can also trade forex, CFDs, and binary options, of course. Not only that, but you can get returns higher than 100% for simple contracts and more than 1000% for touch/no-touch trades! Those are excellent numbers, no matter how you look at it. Apps Apps

The app is called Tick Trade and it can be downloaded directly from the company’s website, and it is available on Android and iOS mobile devices and absolutely free to download. So, if you don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer, this is the solution. Of course, you can also open a demo account first to get used to the trading environment and test everything out. As you can see, there really is a multitude of options here, but we’re still not done with the trading environment. As a matter of fact, there is something that can help with every trading platform here, but it’s so special that we had to give a whole paragraph in this review. Want to know what it is? The answer is just below. Review | Robot robot is actually the aforementioned Binary Bot and the way this company has approached it is really innovative. You see, here you actually build your own robot from scratch using a wide variety of tools, indicators, variables, loops and similar things that can help it make the right decision. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a programmer for this because everything is already there (although programmers among you will love this) – you just have to figure out which parts you want, determine the numbers that will affect the Binary Bot and then “assemble” it in a sense. Creating your robot is essentially a puzzle. As a matter of fact, the whole process is even designed to look like one, so you could have a fair amount of fun here, too.
But although pretty special and entertaining, the process of creating your robot here is not the most interesting thing about it. On the broker’s website, you will also find the shop. There you can find loads of useful things, but the catch is that you can also put your robot on sale in that shop. You get 80% of the revenue every time someone buys your creation. Therefore, building a good robot can pay off in several ways – on the market, where it will perform trades for you, and in the shop, where other people will pay to use it. Robot Robot


If you ever need help or advice concerning any of the aforementioned features, don’t hesitate to ask this broker’s support team. can be contacted by e-mail and toll-free phone numbers, plus they have a wide and very detailed FAQ database, so you really shouldn’t have any problems reaching them. No matter which method you use, though, you will always be greeted by a very competent individual who knows exactly what you need and will get straight to the point without trying to get you to sign up with them, offering you a deal of some kind or anything of the sort. Simple, clean support that values your time and genuinely wants to help you is what you get here, and we can certainly appreciate that. We should also mention that, no matter which contact method you choose, these people are always quick to answer, which is another way of respecting your time. In short, support will always do everything it can to help you out as quickly as possible because that’s what a good support team does. However, there is something else you as a trader will love about this website. Continue with our review and see what it is. Contact Contact Review | Education

Something that really impressed us during our testing was the amount of effort this company has invested to provide its clients with the best possible education. Sure, you have the standard stuff there like a glossary of trading terms and a free e-Book, but what makes Learning Center stand out from the crowd are numerous trading experts who regularly discuss the latest events on the market, each specialized in a particular field. The best way to experience this is to sign up for webinars, which are held every week with many interesting guest lecturers. You can find the schedule on the company’s website, and given how thorough and interesting these lectures are, you really do feel like a student when listening to them. New and specialized topics like crude oil, non-farm payrolls and market momentum pop up here every week, so you will have a reason to return to these lectures over and over again. The amount of content you get here for free is simply staggering, but the best part is that all speakers are well known in the trading world, so there’s no chance that you’re getting tricked in some way.

Furthermore, you can enjoy loads of very helpful videos, which are really nicely done and cover a wide range of topics. As a matter of fact, you can find webinar videos here too, so if you miss a sessions you don’t have to worry about anything. Pretty neat system, huh? In any case, you will surely develop as a trader here, but that’s not all that can help you succeed. More about another very interesting option in the following part of this review. Education Education Review | Signals

Yes, you can also get signals! All you have to do is go to the Learning Center on the company’s website and register. Everything is completely free and you will even have access to videos recapping the signals from the last week, which can be very helpful in assessing how reliable this service actually is. However, given what we have said in the previous paragraph, you can already assume that the company takes this very seriously and that you can rely on them to provide you with the right information when you don’t know where to invest. Indeed, all major financial markets are closely monitored and analyzed. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the company’s experts will always conduct a thorough fundamental analysis and play out all possible scenarios for the week ahead, so you can be absolutely sure that the signals will not be thrown together in a few moments, but a result of careful deliberation of numerous trading experts. After all you have read in this review, can you really doubt the professionalism of these people? signals are a great thing to have because they can improve your success rate significantly, but does all of this seem just too good to be true? Just continue reading and find out! WebTrader WebTrader Review | Complaints

If you have read the whole review up to this point, it should be pretty much clear where we stand. But what about other traders? Do they have any serious complaints? Have we missed something during our tests? To find that out, we decided to contact people who are trading here and ask them for their impressions. An overwhelming majority of the responses we got was extremely positive, praising the company’s numerous interesting features. People were especially delighted with the number of choices they have, and the fact that you can create robots for the shop and actually earn from that is probably the greatest hit of them all. Of course, some complaints did appear and we tried to get to the bottom of them, but the people who made them provided very little evidence for their claims. Many people who had objections were new to the whole online trading thing and they didn’t seem to understand how exactly things work around here. More experienced traders had nothing but praise for the broker. Honestly, we tend to agree with the latter. And when you think about it, no company can survive on the market for this long if it doesn’t have an excellent offer. We think this is the ultimate proof that these guys check out, so we can end this analysis on a very positive note. Time to wrap things up! Review | Conclusion review can actually be summarized in a very simple way: this is a very experienced and very professional company offering some really spectacular features. You really won’t find many online trading brokers offering multiple trading platforms and with such low financial requirements. Our favorite feature, however, is the robot you can build yourself and then sell it to other traders. The way this company has designed that part of the website is fun and very intuitive, and yet it allows you to program the robot right down to the slightest detail. Add to that the fact that you can communicate with some really great traders through this website and always get their advice, and you have an experience that is very difficult to match, let alone surpass. There are also numerous educational materials you can use, free signals, great bonuses and tons of other interesting and useful features. Even most other traders we interviewed agree that this really is a spectacular broker. Not all of them, true, but hey – we have yet to see a broker that will unite traders with its incredibly good offer. But if you’re at all interested in online trading, trading with this company is an experience you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Open an account right now and prepare to be amazed!


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