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When a company manages to survive in an industry for more than 20 years, you can be absolutely certain that they offer great service and that their clients are very satisfied. The same goes for, a broker that has been constantly developing for almost two decades, which means that every trader who comes to their website has loads of options. One of those options is robot, a very nice feature designed to help you with your trades when you’re not around to make them. We examined this feature closely and have a lot to tell you about it, so do keep reading because this thing could save you a lot of time and increase your profits. Let’s go! Robot | Create your own!

As you can read in our Review, this broker offers several different platforms you can trade on and robot is one of them. The robot is actually called Binary Bot and offers several very interesting features. First of all, you get to build your own software here, which is very easy to do. You have loads of things you can define, from the type of trades you want the robot to execute to the kind of behavior you want to see from it. There are loads of loops, functions, variables, tools, indicators and other parameters you can set, so if you’re into programming and creating something like this, you’re going to have a field day here.

But just to be clear, there is no need for you to know a certain programming language. Instead, building your Binary Bot functions on the drag-and-drop principle: you simply decide what you want your robot to do and how you want it to do it and then copy/paste that order from the pool of available features. No coding or anything like that. There is an impressive amount of commands you can issue from the fields of math and logic, and you can set up various loops and fine-tune your robot whichever way you want. You can even connect it to your Google Drive and save it there! 

However, there is one more thing that is very unique to robot, but we will discuss that in the next paragraph. Keep reading! Robot Robot Robot | Sell it to other traders!

The Binary Bot you create can earn you money even while it’s not trading. You see, this company has its own shop (where you can also find Apps), and you can put the robot you create on sale there. You will get 80% of the price each time someone purchases your creation, so it can really pay off to invest some time into designing a good trading robot because not only will it help you trade, but it can also help other traders, for which you will get extra cash. And if you need any assistance in setting things up, just contact the broker’s great support team and they will help you get everything started. An option like this is very hard to find anywhere else, so we honestly do recommend you give it a try. WebTrader WebTrader Robot | Conclusion robot is, as you have seen, a part of this company’s offer which offers numerous possibilities. Not only can you program your robot right down to the tiniest detail, but you can also offer it to other traders at a price. That way, the robot can bring profit to you in two different ways – directly from the market and from the broker’s shop. Apart from this, there are many other unique features you can find on the website, so if you want to trade with one of the most experienced partners in the world, open an account with right now!  


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Author: Mark Watson

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