Alpari Competitions

Alpari competitions

It’s time to check up on Alpari again. It’s been a while since we last took a closer look at their offer, so let’s see what new options they have available for you. Right from the start, you can see that the number of Alpari ...
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Grand Capital ECN Prime

New Grand Capital ECN Prime accounts

Big news from Grand Capital! This experienced company has made some major changes to the way you trade on their website. Don’t worry, it’s not for the worse. Quite the contrary! You now have much better conditions and much better chances to make some profit ...
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Hodly IQ Option Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hodly – the IQ Option cryptocurrency wallet

IQ Option is doing it again – they have a new invention meant to provide traders with even more options and an even better experience. It’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from them really, because every so often they surprise us with another ...
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Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts | Crypto Beer Vending Machine

The number of things you can buy with cryptocurrencies keeps growing, with cryptos having the additional benefit of often simplifying the buying process. Case in point: Civic’s crypto beer vending machine. While Civic, co-founded by Vinny Lingham, star of "Shark Tank South Africa", is “not ...
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What Are Airdrops?

What are airdrops?

While going through various cryptocurrency forums or groups, you have probably come across the term cryptocurrency airdrops. So, what is an airdrop and why is there so much buzz around them? A simplified answer to what an airdrop is would be: airdrop coins are free ...
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How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

How does bitcoin mining work?

Surely you have heard about Bitcoin mining, but how familiar are you with the process behind it? Although the word “mining” hints to manual labor, bitcoin mining actually isn't a physical process that a miner does. To get started, you need a powerful computer, often ...
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Innovation is something absolutely crucial if you want to succeed in the online trading industry as a broker. A company needs to keep its traders interested and show them that it is on top of newest developments. has been doing that for years, so ...
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Dukascopy Review Image

Dukascopy Review 2018

Online trading is definitely one of the most dynamic jobs you can find. The forex market often has big volatility, meaning the prices can fluctuate a lot, which makes it very attractive, challenging and potentially lucrative for investments. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the number ...
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Dukascopy Scam Test

Is Dukascopy a Scam?

Dukacopy is a Swiss company that provides forex trading and they are one of the most important brokers in the world of trading in general. They were the best providers of liquidity in 2017 and they had the best trading platform in 2016. In this ...
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Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts | Bitcoin and Religion

Even though most people ignore it, we all know that God doesn’t regard wealth and greed favorably. In theory, amassing riches, lending money with interest – all of that is essentially a sin. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rising in popularity, a large number of ...
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