Boss Capital Binary Options Broker

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker Review

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker

Boss Capital is a binary options broker with a strong reputation in the market. The fact that they provide acceptance to even the US traders makes them a common favorite among the US trading folk. In fact, they have also been voted the best brokers for binary options trading in the year 2014 by many reviewing sites. Their reputation precedes them in market, making them one of the best success stories in the binary options industry. Being established in the year 2014, within a very small time frame they have proven their mettle to the binary traders. This could be easily traced back towards their unique approach to the market. Being a part of an already congested industry, they took a different way and provided unique benefits. This made them special and thus they succeeded, and hence can very positively be stated that Boss Capital binary options broker is no scam.

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Trading experience with them

Trading with Boss Capital binary options broker is a stress free and relaxing venture. They aim to provide their traders with the best of customer services and this is how their traders are always in a relaxed state with them. There are very few, if any, grumpy traders with them. One of the things about them is that they are deliberately honest. When other brokers promise a 95% return, and give traders only a 60% return, Boss Capital maintains their honesty by telling them that they can give them a max return of 85%. Knowing what you are about to get from the start sets the right expectations and forbids future disappointments. Boss Capital understands this and hence takes the right steps, read our full review here.

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Demo account

Many brokers do not allow the demo account feature for free. That means, they even charge you for practicing your strategic skills for trading. Boss Capital is strictly against this, as their own demo account is free for the public. One can trade as much and gain an expertise before investing in real amounts with them. It is simple; if you like their platform and if you think you want to get a hold of your strategies before venturing out into the real world, then this is the opportunity for you. Get a grip of all the things that you would like to do with your binary options account and get started with Boss Capital Demo Account.

Boss Capital Trading Platform Call and Put Options

Boss Capital Trading Platform

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Trading Opportunities

One of the things that matter most is the trading opportunities the broker is going to provide. If they are not enough, then it is not of any use even if they have the best platform in the market. Thankfully Boss Capital has a huge list of trading options for the traders. These can be divided into the following:

Forex pairings: for pairing, there are huge options and not only does that include US dollars but a range of other currencies like Euro and Australian Dollars etc. These can be paired with one another. Some examples are EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD and many more.

Stock Options: Boss Capital reigns on the number of stock capitals provided. Some of their selections are: EBay, Yahoo, Pfizer, Twitter, Goldman and Sachs, LinkedIn, Disney, etc.

Stock indices: Another major aspect is the stock indices the broker is providing. Some of the stock indices which you can expect to come across in Boss Capital are listed below:

NIFTY – Future, Kospi 200, Nasdaq 100 – Future, SMI- Future – and these are only to name a few.

Our extensive Boss Capital Review 2016 will fill you up with some more interesting details about the company. Stay with us a bit more and learn how Boss Capital binary options broker handles account creation!

Boss Capital Deposit Page

Boss Capital Deposit Page

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Creating an Account

Creating an account with Boss Capital should be a piece of cake. Their minimum deposit range starts from 200 USD and they have different kinds of accounts. In terms of Boss Capital Account Types, however, just like all other brokers, they give more benefits to the higher account holders than to those who have opened with low amounts for the first time. If you are to open an account with 200 USD, you may not get as much benefits as a 100,000 USD VIP account would provide you, but that is the rule in case of all the binary options brokers and Boss Capital seems to have followed the safe path here. Plus with a low minimum trade of $10, Boss Capital ensures that the newer traders can trade at their own preferred pace and learn the tricks of the trade well. Deposits can be made in the following methods: credit card (both Visa and Mastercard), electronic payment, and wire transfer.

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Customer services

It is always nice to know that your binary options broker cares about you. There are just so many binary options brokers in the market who do not provide the right assistance, that getting some broker like Boss Capital is really a matter of great luck. We are not exaggerating. Many brokers who do not communicate with their traders often go to prove that they were frauds in the first place.  In the world of binary options it is necessary that the trades always be looked after to ensure that they are feeling safe – because it is already a market that involves great risks. Boss Capital seems to read this fact. This is why they have provided the best 24 hour customer service to the traders, and this goes to prove that Boss Capital is not one of those scam brokers.

Boss Capital Binary Options Broker | Final verdict

It is important to note all the factors before investing with a binary options broker. To know other details about Boss Capital’s authenticity read our review here.

To sum it up, we have assessed Boss Capital binary options broker on the grounds of their trading platform, deposits, accounts and minimum trading aspect. We have even evaluated their assets. The conclusion we can draw from all this analysis is that Boss Capital is inevitably one of the shining new binary options brokers in the industry. No wonder they have progressed so much within just one year. They are a complete package – providing all kinds of assets to trade in, and giving equal opportunity to novice traders as much as to the experienced traders. This is a quality rarely seen among brokers.



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