Boss Capital Platform Review

Boss Capital Platform Review

Boss Capital Platform Review

Even though Boss Capital is comparatively a newcomer in this industry (established in 2014), anyone who is accustomed to the binary options industry must have noticed that they have come a long way within a very short frame of time. Now almost everyone is accustomed to the Boss Capital name and they are beginning to trust it; this is not merely a speculation anymore. In 2015, Boss Capital has won the Best Binary Options Broker 2015 award. Previously Boss Capital used to be open for the US traders as well, but they are no longer accepting them. They are surely taking the high road to success. They have also been highly rated for being a secure broker with top-notch customer care. All these titles have just added to their goodwill, wherein they are providing good services to their traders consistently as time passes.

Boss Capital Platform | Secure trading

The best part is that being a secure broker is one of the most challenging aspects that every single broker aspires. Even if one is, then it is hard to convince the traders that they are so. What seems like others could not achieve for years, Boss Capital has been able to achieve within just a few months. They have received numerous awards for being one of the most secure traders. The Boss Capital platform employs the SSL international security system that encrypts all your credit card data and protects it from hackers and phishing. Also worth mentioning is that the broker is fully PCI compliant so you can trust them with all your credit card details without blinking an eyelid. Thus they passed our Boss Capital Scam Inspection with flying colors.

Boss Capital Trading Platform Call and Put Options

Boss Capital Trading Platform

Boss Capital Platform | Unique

Boss Capital’s curve seems to go straight upwards ever since it has joined this market of binary options as quoted in our Boss Capital Review 2016. So what is their secret? It is very natural to ask this question, since in the binary options world, the broker’s crowd is too large and everyone has almost tried everything to come out on the top. So what is it that is making them different from everyone else?  The secret lies in their platform. The uniqueness of their platform is what has kept them separate from the rest. The best part is they have been able to design a platform which every trader wants and feels secure on.

Their plan was to develop a clear and clutter free platform – a platform is the first thing that the trader sees in a broker. It is your mode of communication with the broker. Plus, it will be your work space too. It should be the foremost thing which the brokers should work on. So what Boss Capital did, is they removed what the traders didn’t want first from their platform. This way they removed all the unnecessary things and de-cluttered the platform. Next, they added things to the platform which traders usually demanded. Their idea was to create a more focused platform. This is why trading on this platform appears to be so easy and flexible to all the traders. The resulting platform turned out to be unique and far more effective than imagined to be. This seems to be the secret ingredient Boss Capital had been hiding for so long.


Boss Capital Platform | TechFinancials Based

Many of you may have this burning question in their minds – Is Boss Capital a Scam?. Let us begin by first letting our readers know that TechFinancials is one of the oldest software that has been powering the many binary options broker websites. So it is one of the most trusted platforms that are out there. More than anything they are reliable and safe. Boss Capital, in using this safe software to power their website confirms that they want to make their traders feel safe.

There are quite a number of binary trading platform software providers coming onto the market now. Though some of them are reported to be fast, their reliability is not as guaranteed as that of TechFinancials. Hence, Boss Capital platform has given priority to reliability rather than newer technology proving that the best interests of the traders are what they are aiming to achieve. That being said, TechFinancials keeps updating and is now one of the fastest platforms that are out there.

Boss Capital Withdrawal Page

Boss Capital Withdrawal Request Page

Boss Capital Platform | For novice or for experienced?

Some of the Boss Capital traders are of the view that the TechFinancials platform is geared towards the more seasoned traders rather than the newbie’s. However, some others are of the view that TechFinancials is a platform that is also friendly to the first time users. However, since this platform is also available on many other websites, we have gathered the general view that it is as useful for the newer traders as it is for the seasoned traders. Some traders are just generally handy and well versed with trading while others find difficult to handle the technological aspect of trading at first. This is why Boss Capital platform ensures that every kind of trader feels comfortable trading here, even if they’re on the Boss Capital Demo Account.

Boss Capital Platform | Platform design

A platform design speaks volumes about the ease of trading there. One cannot perform trading easily if the design is too complex, and things are difficult to find on the platform. If you notice Boss Capital closely, you can see that they are always trying to fill their main page with more relevant data and their design is more responsive than you will find on most other broker websites.

Their design is very user-friendly, without looking like it’s overwhelming. In our long and detailed testing of the site, where we spent about 3 hours continuously, we found that the trading page was indeed very responsive, and the load times were really fast. We never felt that we needed any help in getting around the platform or to find something in particular. It is very clear that they have tried to do something different (by which we mean, keep things simple) with their platform design and that deserves a special applause.

Boss Capital Platform | Verdict

When comparing the Boss Capital platform with other brokers’ platforms, you will find that there is a lot of flexibility here and everything is large, easy to find and clutter free. The integration of the News tab on the trading page is a huge plus, since traders can keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in the trading world. Also, you have a large number of expiry times to adjust from with Boss Capital platform. The expiry time being one of the most sensitive features, the traders are surely to be happy with this platform.

If you’re new to binary trading, check out Boss Capital platform for an easy head start in the binary options industry.


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