Let Botomatics Auto Trading Software Trade For You!

Botomatics Auto Trading Robot

Botomatics Auto Trading Robot

Timing the markets in order to make profitable trades is not easy, and only some binary options traders manage to do it repeatedly over time. However, fortunately for traders who find themselves out of luck in trading binary options the old-fashioned way, a new type of offering has hit the market that could change the trading landscape dramatically: automatic trading robots.

The Botomatics Auto Trading Software

In this article we take a close look at a new Auto Trading Software called Botomatics. Botomatics is interesting for a few reasons. First, it is fully-automated, so traders can use the solution without requiring any expertise in binary options or in the markets more generally. Second, it proclaims an average winning rate of 93.5% – this is not something that you hear every day. Finally, there has been a lot of hype around the Botomatics launch, so we figure it’s worth taking a look to see what all the fuss is about.

Auto Trading Software vs Signals

It is important to understand the differences between trading signals and auto trading software. There are a lot of signals products available, and those products are of varying quality. Signaling systems provide traders with an indication as to when a trade should be made. Unlike signals solutions, Botomatics is fully-automated, so once you have integrated your account you can simply observe the trading activity that the Botomatics system performs on your behalf. Botomatics doesn’t require you to provide any supervision – it runs on auto-pilot.

How Botomatics Auto Trading Software makes trading decisions

Our understanding is that Botomatics performs automated analysis on the markets in order to identify high potential trading opportunities. The algorithms (i.e. the ‘brains’) of the system are all top secret, but based on our impression it is probably driven by a strategy that uses automated Martingale, Fibonacci, and/or other complex technical analysis methods. When the system spots promising profit opportunities, it executes the trades automatically.

Botomatics Binary Auto Trader

Getting started with Botomatics Auto Trading Software

Getting started with Botomatics is pretty straight-forward and generally takes less than a day. Traders first need to open an account with a Botomatics partner broker unless they already hold an account held with a partner broker. After getting set up the account, and after ensuring that an initial deposit is made, users are asked to provide Botomatics with permission to execute trades automatically on their behalf. After this approval is taken care of, the Botomatics Auto Trading Software initiates trading on your behalf, executing trades whenever the system identifies a high probability to make profits.

Botomatics, Regulation and OneTwoTrade Binary Options Broker

Botomatics is powered by OneTwoTrade , regulated European Binary Options Broker, perfect fit for EU, Canada, Australia an New Zealand market. It is perfectly safe and legit to trade with Botomatics as OneTwoTrade is fully regulated and you have guaranteed payouts, which is all you basically need. It is very important to know that in order to trade with Botomatics, first thing is to deposit with OneTwoTrade to activate the software. For US traders, it is always smartest thing to register with Boss Capital and use our free daily signals with them.

Botomatics Auto Trading Software| Closing remarks

Like any trading system, Botomatics is not a loss-proof system. But it was developed by financial market experts, and in back tests it reportedly achieved an average winning rate of 93.5%. So it sounds like it’s a tried-and-tested system. Botomatics could be a good fit for people who are not yet comfortable analyzing the markets in order to make trading decisions, and it’s also something that more experienced traders could take advantage if they want to compare their own trading success with that of a fully-automated
solution. Given its ease-of-use and strong back-test results, it’s certainly something that’s worth taking a closer look at for yourself. It is worth mentioning again that is important not be confused with connection of Botomatics and OneTwoTrade as Botomatics is a software powered by OneTwoTrade and in order to use the software you should deposit with OneTwoTrade.

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