BuzzTrade Review 2016

WARNING: This broker has been shut down due to numerous complaints and security issues. We strongly recommend trading with regulated and trusted brokers.

BuzzTrade Review 2016

BuzzTrade Review 2016

As a leading industry changing binary option broker, BuzzTrade’s growth and development is relentless. Founded in 2015 and holding a Cysec license, BuzzTrade has challenged the market with its customer-centered service and its innovative investment portals. BuzzTrade offers its esteemed client base a variety of tradable assets with returns as high as 90%. Moreover, it offers its valued traders training and education directly from the industry professionals. The investment journey with BuzzTrade can help set your future path in this industry. Working with industry professionals and receiving the guidance and education needed, will pave the way for a successful investment journey. BuzzTrade is a broker you can depend on to fulfill your investment and service needs, as well as receive top of the line investment services and support. This is why we bring you a thorough BuzzTrade review.


The first thing we want to mention in this BuzzTrade review is the broker’s safety. Maintaining a strict STP model, BuzzTrade’s customer-centered approach has provided its clientele with a turn-key solution to all their investment needs. Regulated by Cysec and following strict MiFid procedure, BuzzTrade’s upmost priority is client’s funds safety and a scam free environment.

Working with the Senior Account manager and the in-house analyst, clients can rest assured that decades-worth of knowledge and experience is provided.  Combined with a state of the art platform and the right tools, trades need not to look elsewhere for full solution for their investment needs.

Long term and short term investment with BuzzTrade are set for trader’s needs. The variety of trading capabilities permits all kinds of trades to dictate their own expiry times with no interference from the broker. But this is just one of the interesting features we’ll mention in this BuzzTrade review, so keep reading.

BuzzTrade Home Page

BuzzTrade Home Page


We continue our BuzzTrade review by establishing that this is one of the few brokerages to offer a no-obligation and no-restrictions demo accounts. BuzzTrade management team members are strong believers in traders’ education and right to test. Hence BuzzTrade offers all its registered clients a demo account ready to trade on.

The demo account is a mirror of a real trading environment with demo funds. It is used by traders to test and troubleshoot all trades in a demo environment. Traders are encouraged to try it and judge the speed, execution and integrity of the platform. Moreover, traders are capable of trading the same assets as in the real environment.


No BuzzTrade review would be complete without mentioning what trading possibilities you can find here. With a unique trading platform suitable for all traders’ needs, clients cannot go wrong with choosing BuzzTrade as their broker of choice, permitting trades from all around the world to build their own financial portfolio based on short, medium and long term trades. Building strategies and using all analysis types is a simple step with BuzzTrade.

Long term trades permit traders to trade any asset at the predefined time and date set by the traders themselves. In the binary option industry it is a norm for a broker to set the limitations, but BuzzTrade understands the need for every professional trader to set their own limitations. Long term trades can be applied to any asset for a period of one hour and above.

BuzzTrade Long Term

BuzzTrade Long Term

With a vast selection of variable assets the esteemed clientele of BuzzTrade can also benefit from short term trading. BuzzTrade’s unique trading platform grants all traders the ability to trade from 60 second to one hour on any asset during market hours. With outstanding technology and boundless potential for profit, traders can’t go wrong with BuzzTrade.

Clients can also diversify their portfolio with the addition of the One-touch option showing returns of up to 300%. It is apparent that BuzzTrade holds a transparent business model with unmatched industry expertise and an empowered workforce. Keep reading, our BuzzTrade review still has a lot of ground to cover.


Bonus is also something that deserves to be mentioned in this BuzzTrade review. You see, the company offers its clientele a variety of bonuses depending on the account type. Moreover, the company has different bonus offers throughout the year for all clients. With a secure investment environment and clear and transparent bonus model the clients can rest assured that BuzzTrade’s unambiguousness sets it apart from the industry. Years of experience in the financial markets and customer service have placed BuzzTrade on the list of the highest esteemed brokerages of today. Check out our BuzzTrade Scam Test to see how reliable this brokerage actually is.



A portal for education is provided for every client. BuzzTrade offers all clients training from professional sources to suit their time and knowledge needs. As well as working with only professional and knowledgable market frontrunners, BuzzTrade provides all clients with education Videos and an E-Book with every account, something definitely worth mentioning in any proper BuzzTrade review.

News and Daily Analysis are at your fingertips with BuzzTrade, as well as daily signals directly from industry leading market analyst.

BuzzTrade is a strong believer in trader’s education and service and this is why they do not discriminate on the basis of your account type. All customers will receive education and guidance irrespective of their balance. The company’s triumph depends on delivering resolutions that satisfy its clients’ requirements, not their own, and they shall aim to meet all their objectives. That is an obligation of trustworthy investment firm.


Registered clients can choose form 4 different account types depending on their investment amount and their projected profits. The accounts are tiered and the higher the tier the more value for investment the trader will receive from the broker.  All accounts provided by BuzzTrade are created to suit all traders from different needs and levels.


BuzzTrade Minimum Deposit is just 250$. With an initial investment, you can easily begin your investment journey. To a beginner, this will open the doors of the investment world and you would be able to take the first step to potential profits.

With BuzzTrade you can invest using a variety of methods such as Bank Wire, Credit Card and Skrill. The same goes for BuzzTrade Withdrawal. With each investment traders are sure to receive a bonus to increase their buying capital and provide them the ability to generate more trades and prospective profits.

BuzzTrade Deposit Page

BuzzTrade Deposit Page

If the client requirements are for a VIP account, you can take that journey with a 10K investment. That investment with guarantee several more elements to your account and your trading environment. As a broker, BuzzTrade aims to have a place for every type of trader within its investment walls. Stick with this BuzzTrade review a bit more, there are more things to discuss.


Another ting that needs to be mentioned in this BuzzTrade review is trading insurance.  In binary options there is no risk till a trade is placed and BuzzTrade believes that every trader should be able to control their risk at every time. Hence as trader you can dictate the investment amount in every trade. This ensures that there are no set brackets to the trades you place and in the form of long term there is no brackets in the investment lifespan either.

As a trader every step you take in their investment world bring with it a world of knowledge. Choosing longer term trades require patience and while shorter term traders require a sound strategy and focus. Either way, each trader should manage their risk in long term and short term trading methodology.

BuzzTrade Withdrawal Page

BuzzTrade Withdrawal Page

To help their customers, BuzzTrade offers its clients a Stop Loss function in which at any given time the investment is closed before expiry, they can receive 10% back into their account.


With a flawless record and a prominent brand name, BuzzTrade’s ever-growing client base has provided feedback nothing short of excellence and this certainly deserves a spot in any BuzzTrade review. A highly skilled Management Team reveal over time the highest level of reliability and transparency and will welcome any questions to be asked from any trader regarding all issues and information. Holding a Zero complaint portfolio, BuzzTrade continuously thrives to be an industry changer for Binary Option investment and the BuzzTrade Team thrives unceasingly for innovation and excellence.

An unblemished and straightforward regulatory status is probably one of the most important factors to seek for whenever contemplating and studying the level of Transparency, Truthfulness and Safety of Client Funds that may affect your experience when selecting a Brokerage of choice.

BuzzTrade is licensed as a 100% STP Agency Model, with a strict commission-based revenue model.


BuzzTrade as an official sponsor of FC Porto aims to provide every trader an investment environment to suit all their needs and wants. We hope this BuzzTrade review has shown that. Catering to all client categories and potential, the BuzzTrade team has taken a step away from industry norm and is concentrating all its resources on continues development and innovation of its services. Join them today and begin your investment journey with BuzzTrade!




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