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Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts

The number of things you can buy with cryptocurrencies keeps growing, with cryptos having the additional benefit of often simplifying the buying process. Case in point: Civic’s crypto beer vending machine. While Civic, co-founded by Vinny Lingham, star of “Shark Tank South Africa”, is “not in the beer vending business”, the company does intend to unveil the first crypto beer vending machine next week. Civic will be attending Consensus 2018, CoinDesk’s fourth annual blockchain summit, from May 14 – 16 at the New York Hilton Midtown. At the summit, attendees will be able to use the Civic app to verify their age and make a purchase. The idea serves to illustrate the potential of blockchain technology, including the various ways in which it can be used to automate the process of selling age-restricted products. Other potential applications include not only vending machines, but also checkpoints at casinos, concerts, conferences, and other venues. When it comes to the crypto beer vending machine, the good news is: the beer will be free, with up to 600 free beers a day given out to conference goers. However, the bad news is that the model is only a prototype, with no intention for wider distribution at the moment.

On a more sophisticated note, cryptocurrencies are not all about cheap thrills: there’s also crypto art and high-end crypto watches. Pascal Boyart, a French street artist better known by his moniker “PBOY”, has started incorporating BTC QR codes in his murals. PBOY often explores various crypto-related themes in his artwork. A mural painting of Rembrandt made him a Reddit celebrity overnight. It is a little known fact that Rembrandt, despite being one of the most famous painters of all time, suffered from serious financial problems, even having to sell his own house. PBOY used the image of the famous artist to explore the idea of money and how it relates to art. His first artwork with a Bitcoin QR code was a painting of a small child asking his father “Papa, what is money?”, painted in November of last year. Although it is unlikely that blockchain technology will get rid of the “struggling artist” trope, Boyart believes that artists can benefit from the possibilities offered by this new economic paradigm.

The aforementioned crypto watches are produced by a company called Cryptomatic. In 2014, they launched the CRYPTOMAT, initially intended as a joke for “crypto diplomats” promoting Bitcoin around the world. Between 2014 and 2016, however, Bitcoin suffered a prolonged bearish cycle, “really testing people’s faith”, in the words of Luis Rosende, the main watch designer. After Bitcoin recovered, Cryptomatic decided to dedicate their next collection to all those truly patient people who didn’t lose faith and who “HEDL” during the two-year winter. “Hodlers” are almost a subculture, a group of people who believe in the long-term potential and the unstoppable transformative power of blockchain technology. The design of the Cryptomatic watch is highly symbolic, with every detail representing a facet of the power and innovation of cryptocurrencies. The watch will be hand-assembled in Japan and can be paid for exclusively in Bitcoin. The brand remains a small and exclusive brand, and all of the company’s watches are mechanical. So, if you want to look slick and smooth while also letting people know that you are a “hodler”, these watches are the way to go.

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