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Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts

Let’s face it: The Internet sure loves its “may-mays”, although talking about them too much kind of ruins the fun. Humor, jokes, crypto comics, obscure jabs at the challenges of trading – all of this can become the actual capital of cryptocurrencies, bringing them to attention and driving their value up. Last week’s April Fool’s Day has shown that Vitalik Buterin is pretty proficient at coming up with great ideas, including the “announcement” of a new stable coin called WTF for World Trade Franc, developed by Buterin, Barack Obama, and an actual moose. The founder of Ethereum was the topic of several jokes himself, including a Twitter post by JesusCoin. The best tweet, however, came from WhalePanda, a popular crypto commenter, who said that the price of BTC is the real April Fool’s joke.

Many commenters don’t reserve their biting critique and satire just for one day of the year. Followers of talented artists who draw crypto comics can attest that there are some real gems to be found on their websites. The two crypto comics that get talked about the most are The Cryptos and CryptoComics, both kind of resembling Cyanide & Happiness stylistically. A recent The Cryptos gag made fun of the high fees and long transaction times when you try to pay for coffee with Bitcoin. A particularly witty CryptoComics post shows a gravestone with the name Bitcoin written on top, and underneath the name there is every year after 2008 etched in, and then crossed out. Serves as a sobering reminder for everyone who thinks that the latest price drop will be the death of Bitcoin.

In addition to crypto comics, many creative crypto enthusiasts have been creating all kinds of content over the years, including feature films and documentaries. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, released in 2014, is often quoted as a must-watch documentary on Bitcoin’s early days. Also in 2014, Life on Bitcoin offered its audiences a more intimate portrayal of what an average person who wants to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives has to go through. The story focuses on a young couple whose main goal after getting married is to survive only by using cryptocurrencies. Other great documentaries include Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It and Bitcoin in Uganda – Empowering People. When it comes to feature films, it’s understandably harder to find something that Roger Ebert would approve of. For the curious, there is Bitcoin Heist (2016), a Vietnamese movie with a wannabe James Bond/Kingsman vibe. The plot of the movie, dealing with crypto heists and hackers, however, is actually pretty fresh and still very much relevant.


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