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Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts

Who doesn’t love online games? Over the last few years, online games have become the most popular type of video games, especially mobile games that you can play when you’re commuting, sitting in class bored to death, or waiting to fall asleep. Few people, however, would come up with the idea of using online games for money laundering. Gabriele Pearson, a 23-year-old from the UK, did just that. He worked at an IT company and used his access to embezzle funds from the PayPal accounts of his company and the company’s clients. He laundered the money through an online game called Second Life. Although it was released 14 years ago, the game still has approximately 1 million active users. The Linden Dollar is the game’s own virtual currency, which can be exchanged for actual money. Pearson bought Linden Dollars with the stolen funds, after which he sold them for Bitcoin in-game. Pretty clever, wouldn’t you say? Well, not so much, since authorities soon caught wind of what he was up to when he tried to increase the limit on the affected PayPal accounts and used various stolen private documents to do so. Law enforcement official confiscated 9.9 Bitcoins from Pearson and he was sentenced to serve 15 months in jail.

On a lighter note, we recently came across the FUN token, which we thought was pretty funny since this is Crypto Fun Facts after all. Perhaps we should start using the token? FUN is the ticker used by FunFair, an online gambling platform that uses Ethereum smart contracts and 3D gaming. It seems like we cannot get away from online games today, even though FunFair’s online play is not your typical game. FUN tokens serve as casino chips, and FunFair claims to have revolutionized online gaming by making blockchain games instant and much less resource intensive.

In our last piece of the day, we thought we would do a follow-up on yesterday’s story about crypto movies and crypto documentaries. After our little review, a new trailer came out for a satirical film about cryptocurrencies – from the perspective of a crypto enthusiast. Buy the Dip is the name of the movie, now in post-production, and the trailer is a big hit on YouTube. The guy who made the film is Sam Lucas Smith, a screenwriter with a Master’s Degree who also appeared as an actor in several British shows and dramas. The finished film will be relatively short, but users on Reddit couldn’t hide their anticipation.

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Author: Max Rothstein

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