Crypto Fun Facts | Seafood Blockchain and Crypto Ice Cream

Crypto Fun Facts

Crypto Fun Facts

In this week’s Crypto Fun Facts, we bring you some of the more entertaining news pieces of the week. And it’s almost getting too easy.  After last week’s beef blockchain in China, news outlets are now reporting on a seafood blockchain developed by Intel. The main issue with seafood is labelling and traceability. According to an Oceana report based on 200 independent studies, the mislabeling of seafood has serious consequences on public health, but also on the economy and conservation efforts. Are you eating wild salmon or cheap farmed salmon? Can you tell the difference? After Intel’s seafood blockchain, titled Hyperledger Sawtooth (cool name, huh?) goes live, you won’t have to. The platform will facilitate traceability and transparency. Similar projects are already being developed by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and Fishcoin (!), “a blockchain-based data ecosystem for the global seafood industry”.

In case seafood is not really your cup of… sea water, why don’t you skip the main course and get to the dessert right away?  A new startup by San Francisco’s own Rob Durst and two more friends, called Block and Jerry’s, is looking to utilize Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for delivering ice-cream. The guys are mostly trying to get new users interested in blockchain technology and the newest scalability upgrade. Insiders will certainly get a good laugh when they order crowd favorites, such as “Doge Food,” “Vitalik Garcia” and “Segwit2x”.

One flavor that will most likely not be added in the near future is definitely Seagal’s Chocolate Chip. Remember Bitcoin ICO, endorsed by the movie star? Just like the ice-cream, it has gone cold. Steven’s blockchain dreams have melted in the state of New Jersey, which has issued a cease-and-desist order to the ICO. The cease-and–desist order questions Seagal’s role in the project, particularly his compensation, since he claims to have no ownership stake. The rest of the people involved are anonymous, and the ICO’s white paper does not provide info on what expertise Seagal has to ensure that investing in the project is in compliance with securities laws.

After Seagal, another controversial public figure/celebrity Steve crept out from the shadows to fill the void: right-wing populist ideologue Steve Bannon, former Trump puppet master. In a lecture in Zurich, he praised cryptocurrencies, saying they will bring true freedom, breaking “the globalized culture of economic oppression”, and fueling populist, nationalist movements. Although it is still unclear what Bannon’s endgame is, here’s a word of advice, Steve. Stay in your own void. Your name is not doing you any favors here.

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Author: Max Rothstein

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