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We’ve jinxed it! In yesterday’s Crypto News, we talked about some prominent members of the Ethereum community, most notably developer Piper Merriam, proposing an Ethereum hard fork to fight the rumored onset of Ethereum ASIC miner rigs. Well, now it seems like Merriam was too late. Or maybe it was precisely Merriam’s announcement and his widely publicized efforts that prompted Bitmain to rush things and unveil the first public Ethereum ASIC miner. The announcement was made on Twitter, and included a lot of details and specifications. The ASIC miner will be called the Antminer E3, interested parties will be able to purchase it for approx. $800, and they will be able to rely on a hashrate of 180 Megahashes. The miner will not be available in China and users can order just one miner each, due to limited stock. The ASIC will not ship before July, and many believe that Ethereum may actually implement some countermeasures by then – to protect Ethereum’s decentralization.

The Ethereum mining civil war comes at a time of increased interest in Ethereum and what it can do. Lately, the Central Bank of Russia has been looking into Ethereum’s Masterchain blockchain software as a way to process SWIFT payments across the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The Central Bank is interested in the potential of blockchain technology when it comes to developing systems above the national level. Russia’s FinTech Association has been conducting trials on behalf of the Central Bank, including a working version last year.

In our last news piece, a bit of food for thought. The beauty of cryptocurrencies lies in the diversity of projects, ideas, and human endeavor that they can support or facilitate. Which means that, depending on who’s behind a project, it can be used either for personal gain or to benefit others, perhaps even humanity as a whole.

When it comes to the former, we bring you John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates, the company behind the first commercial antivirus software. McAfee left the company in the 90s, and has since been dabbling in different projects. Lately, a lot of people noticed that his Twitter account keeps endorsing various ICOs – on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis. McAfee came clean on his motivation behind this, probably to avoid any legal trouble. He recently founded the so-called McAfee Crypto Team. On the company’s website, he stated that he charges $105,000 for a single tweet. Allegedly, his tweets are the most powerful force within the crypto industry, leading to more than a million dollars in investments and increasing the value of cryptocurrencies by more than 100%.


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