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Considering how the cryptocurrency markets have been recovering over the past 10 days, many crypto traders are feeling emboldened once again. At the same time, a new piece of technology has been unveiled that will take blockchain technology to the moon literally, and not only figuratively. According to a report published on, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded a grant to Jin Wei Kocsis from the University of Akron, Ohio, to develop what is essentially a blockchain spacecraft. It’s an autonomous spacecraft with a program that uses blockchain technology to make decisions while piloting it. The $330,000 grant will be used by Kocsis, who is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, to examine potential ways in which this blockchain spacecraft could use the technology based on Ethereum to support a computing system. Based on smart contracts, the program, if successfully developed, should be able to recognize environmental threats and avoid them successfully. Such a program would be extremely useful when spacecraft are sent into deep space, where communicating with scientists on Earth is difficult, if not impossible due to interference and distance-related issues. Looks like the moon is not the limit, after all.

Back on Earth, CNBC came across a patent filing by Amazon that indicates that the company may soon start accepting Bitcoin. Although it was originally filed in September 2014, the patent has been approved only recently. The most interesting novelty that the patent proposes is linking Bitcoin addresses with shipping addresses. While this could make things easier for internet retailers, since all data would be combined in a single data stream, it would also allow government agencies to identify transaction participants based on their IP addresses and shipping addresses. The biggest issue, however, is that the patent proposes selling the data to agencies that ask for it. Since all data would be correlated, this would lead to the creation of a “streaming data marketplace”, where the entity that owns or moderates the marketplace could put a price on the data, and sell it together with an “analysis module.” Sounds perfectly legit. Sure, Amazon.

After raising $50 million through an ICO and a round of private funding, Yassin Hankir, founder and CEO of Savedroid, tweeted a photo of himself on a beach, beer in hand, with the caption “Thanks, guys! Over and out.” The project’s website has been replaced with a South Park meme, and all of the admins have left the Savedroid ICO Telegram. Don’t these guys know that all of this is admissible in court?

Maybe they do. Maybe all of this is a little bit too obvious. While on the one hand BitCoin ONE (BTCONE) posted that it would donate 100,000 BTCONE to the victims, and the ICO’s Telegram was flooded with bots posting “can’t hide” and “fear for your life”, a source close to Hankir said that all of this is probably a PR stunt.

Earlier today, Hankir, obviously an amazing prankster and all-round funny guy, posted a YouTube video, where he explained that he faked this scam to advocate for higher quality ICO standards. He sure fooled a lot of people – and gained a lot of visibility after the whole thing went viral. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up wishing he was far away on a deserted island when he gets hit with backlash from people who think he took it too far.

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Author: Max Rothstein

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