Daily News | Housing market on the rise

This week in global binary options trading is pushing on ever forwards, with a lot of information coming in left and right. This might overwhelm both new and seasoned traders on the currency market, but, luckily, we are here to filter out the noise and show you the most important stories of the day. This Tuesday, we focused on the Japanese yen. From Friday to Monday, the yen dropped from $0.00882 to $0.00880. Stocks overall were edging downwards for the company yesterday, pressured by the strong yen that day. This was chiefly due to widespread cyber attacks and because North Korea conducted missile tests over the weekend. The share average of the Nikkei itself fell 0.1% to 19,869.50. We will continue to look into the situation in Asia, but let us now turn to the US dollar. In the same period, the USD fell from€0.9151 to €0.9112. In an unexpected turn of events, US home builder sentiment rose in May and even reached its second strongest level since the housing market crash of 2008. The strongest it had been was in March, when the index reached 71 points. This is a clear case of builders’ optimism getting stronger in the housing market. We will continue to monitor this development, so be sure to check us out tomorrow!

Daily News | See how easy it is to withdraw

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