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We are already in the middle of the global binary options trading week, so be sure to make some wisely chosen trades! We are here, as always, to help you to the best of our abilities. This Wednesday, we have selected the economic changes that could influence the currency market. We start off with the euro. It seems that the Markit Manufacturing PMI of Italy and Spain, which captures business conditions in the manufacturing sector, will fall. The German and French versions of the index will remain the same, but it is our belief that the euro will experience a bearish day, marking a return to a negative trend. Next, we turn our attention to the U.S. dollar. It appears that the Construction Spending index, i.e. the amount of spending in the US on all types of construction, will experience a rise today. Although the ISM Manufacturing PMI index, which shows business conditions in the US manufacturing sector, is projected to drop, the ISM Prices Paid index is expected to rise. This index shows pretty much the same thing in the US, but with a look into the future, with new inventories, employment, production etc. Therefore, we have to conclude that the USD will experience a bullish day this Wednesday, another day in a positive trend.

Daily News | Withdrawals can be a breeze

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