Dukascopy Review 2018

Dukascopy Review Image

Dukascopy Review Image

Online trading is definitely one of the most dynamic jobs you can find. The forex market often has big volatility, meaning the prices can fluctuate a lot, which makes it very attractive, challenging and potentially lucrative for investments. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the number of people who want to participate in the game is growing every day. But besides the number of traders, the number of brokers is also increasing. However, some companies have been in this for years now and have already established themselves as reliable and professional partners. In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most relevant brokers in the entire industry.

The subject of this article is Dukascopy, a Swiss company based in Geneva, but with offices in many financial centers of the world, e.g. in Hong Kong and Tokyo. To show you why they’re so revered in the trading world, we’ll examine every feature in they have in their offer. Registration, accounts and platforms are just some of the topics. Besides that, we’ll put a special emphasis on the broker’s community and bonus programs. Keep reading our article and learn all you need to know!

Dukascopy Review | Registration, Deposit and Account

If you’re about to start trading forex, the first step on your journey will be registration. If you decide to open an account with Dukascopy, the registration procedure won’t be complicated at all. You will simply have to fill out a form containing your basic information. Some of the data required by the broker include your name and last name, date of birth and the country you live in. Once you’re done with the form, you can make your first deposit.

Dukascopy deposit is also very simple, since you have various ways of funding your account. First of all, you can choose the good old way of funding your account via bank transfer. If you’re not a fan of bank wire, you can also choose credit and debit cards (Maestro, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Visa). As for the currencies, the broker accepts numerous currencies such as USD, CHF, EUR, GPB, NZD, PLN, JPY, etc. Minimum Dukascopy deposit is 100 USD, which pretty reasonable. It’s not too much, but it still allows you to make some pretty decent profit.

As for the accounts, Dukascopy has several options for you. You can open a Current account, which is just another name for a regular account or a Gold account which enables you to fund your account in non-deliverable gold. Also, Dukascopy has one very special offer – Percent Allocation Management Module, also known as a PAMM account. This account is managed by a trader appointed by you on the basis of a limited trading power of attorney. You also have the option of being that trader and managing other people’s accounts for a fee if you think you have what it takes.

We’ll continue our Dukascopy Review with the trading platforms, and that’s definitely something you should check out!

Dukascopy Account Creation

Dukascopy Account Creation

Dukascopy Review | Trading Platforms

In the world of online trading, good trading platform is one of the most essential elements because it will provide you with many powerful trading tools. Besides that, your trade orders will be processed quickly, in less than a second. All of this allows you to react quickly and make the most of the market situation. That’s why before opening an account you should always check out the broker’s platform.

That’s exactly what we did – we tested Dukascopy’s JForex platform and can say that it’s simply marvelous. Based on the JAVA programming language, this platform enables you to trade both automatically and manually. We tried both options and are happy to say that the quality of experience is simply excellent in both cases. Dukascopy trading platform provides you with access to Swiss Forex Marketplace which combines liquidity of the world’s biggest marketplaces, meaning you will always have many trading opportunities. It is also designed in a very intuitive manner, so you won’t be losing track of the things that interest you most. Its toolbox is also very helpful – the charts and graphs there will let you execute a technical analysis on a very high level every time.  

Another feature we’d like to highlight in this paragraph of our Dukascopy Review is JForex Web 3, which is great if you like your trading platform to be customized. For example, you can set your own frequency of updates for quotes, which can be a good trick if you’re trading long-term. Also, Dukascopy’s clients can use a third-party solution to connect Swiss Forex Marketplace to MetaTrader 4 environment. That way you will have MT4 at your disposal, which is another cool feature. In a continuation of our analysis, however, you can check out how to test Dukascopy platform for free!

Dukascopy JForex Platform

Dukascopy JForex Platform

Dukascopy Review | Try the platform for free

When you’re entering any line of work, you want to be as prepared as possible. Every business presumes some investments and risk, so it’s great when you have an opportunity to explore the market and the rules of the game before you start investing for real. We all know that trading is very dynamic – prices can change in a matter of seconds, which can be a great opportunity to win some money. If you lack experience and if you become too greedy, the same situation can cause you losses. That’s why you simply have to get familiar with the trading platform you’re trading on and with the world of trading in general.

Luckily, if you open an account here, you will have an opportunity to prepare yourself for all possible market traps. Moreover, you can also adapt to a real trading surrounding. You can experience firsthand the way the process of trading works, and you never have to invest a cent. Just activate your Dukascopy demo account and that’s about it!

Dukascopy allows you to try out all trading strategies and develop your personal trading style. Furthermore, it feels the same as if you were trading with the real account –  which makes this a great way to prepare for the actual market. Once you make your first trade with real money, you will be safe and confident, and you will definitely have better chances to start making the right investments! But this is just the beginning. If you’re interested in some other cool features of trading here, just stay with our Dukascopy Review!

Dukascopy Demo Account

Dukascopy Demo Account

Dukascopy Review | Mobile Trading

Every aspect of our lives is getting faster and faster, and trading forex is no exception. The consequence of this increased dynamics is the number of opportunities you can get when trading. Nowadays you can trade practically all the time – if you take a close look at the market, you will see that there is always something going on. In other words, there are always some trades that can be done. Dukascopy app allows you to make the most of every single one.

You see, this mobile app allows you to trade all the time. This application is completely free and can be downloaded to your mobile device in just a couple of seconds. You don’t have to depend on your desktop computer if you want to trade. With the Dukascopy mobile app, you will have instant access to your account no matter where you are. The only condition for mobile trading is an internet connection. Dukascopy app also brings all the trading tools, charts and quotes you can use on the regular platform. The option of trading anytime you want can increase your chances a lot. You can always react on time and open or close a position, simply check your account or even contact the broker directly.

The next paragraph of our Dukascopy review brings an analysis of perks of being a member of the company’s community. Stay tuned and get informed!

Dukascopy Mobile App

Dukascopy Mobile App

Dukascopy Review | Community

There are several things that can tell you whether a broker takes care of its customers or not. We have already mentioned some of them (trading platforms and account types), but others are yet to be discussed (bonuses). In this paragraph of our Dukascopy Review, however, we’ll write about the Dukascopy community.

When you open an account with Dukascopy, you are not an ordinary trader, but a part of the family. The broker has several programs that you can participate in to help you feel more included. They are fun and made to make the entire trading process a little more humane. In other words, if you participate in them, you will really feel like a part of a trading community. For example, there is the Trader Contest where you can compete with your fellow traders. Then there is you have the Strategy Contest. In this contest, you can develop your own automated trading strategy, but you can also opt for Social Trading Contests and Binary Contests. What makes these events particularly interesting is the fact that cash prizes are on the line there.

Besides this type of contests where you can show your trading skills, there are some other fun programs, as well. For instance, there is the Article Contest where you can win something by writing creative article on forex-related topics, or you can participate in the I Love Extreme program by sharing your memories from doing some extreme things (like extreme sports, for example).

This article isn’t long enough to mention all the joys of working with Dukascopy. We were delighted to see that the broker is engaged so much in creating a relaxed family atmosphere for traders. If you ask us, this human touch is something everyone should appreciate and definitely a good reason to open an account here! And if we still haven’t convinced you, just keep reading – Dukascopy Review has a lot more to offer!

Dukascopy Community

Dukascopy Community

Dukascopy Review | Bonus Program

Like we said, additional benefits which will make your trading experience even better are our next topic. Dukascopy thinks of everything – they even developed a unique Dukascopy bonus program for its clients. Everyone opens an account in order to trade and to earn money, but if there are some other money-making options, you should definitely take advantage of them. So, let’s take a look.

Some brokers will provide you with a bonus option or two, but Dukascopy will provide you with several of them. First of all, there is the equity bonus. Every trader has an opportunity to get a 10% equity bonus. You can apply to this bonus during 30 days since your last Dukascopy deposit to the account. There is also the volume trading commission discount program. This bonus has to do with the volume traded in 1 year.

Additionally, there are two more special types of Dukascopy bonuses we’d like to mention in this paragraph. The first one is called the anniversary bonus and the other is the standard refer-a-friend option. The first one is self-explanatory, you just have to wait for the company’s birthday, the second one can be yours if you recommend the broker to your friend. As you can see, with Dukascopy bonus program you will have many ways to get extra value from your investment. But is all of this safe? We’ll discuss that next!

Dukascopy Bonus Program

Dukascopy Bonus Program

Dukascopy Review | Client Protection and Support

Client protection is probably the most important aspect of every trader-client relationship. Doing online business means you have to be extremely mindful of the safety issues. At the same time, the broker is obligated to provide its clients with the safest trading environment possible. In other words, the broker has to keep both your money and information safe.

We already analyzed this issue in our Dukascopy Scam Test, but let’s repeat the most important facts. When it comes to these guys, you can be absolutely sure that nothing bad will happen. First of all, let’s mention that every Dukascopy deposit is protected in the amount of CHF 100,000. This protection has to do with the Swiss banks and securities dealers’ agreement regarding deposits protection. Besides that, your funds are guarded by the management of Dukascopy Banks. Furthermore, there are no payments for negative balance. Of course, a valid CySEC license is there, too.

Dukascopy Review | Education and Contact

As we already stated in our analysis of Dukascopy demo account, with this broker you have an opportunity to practice trading before entering the real game. However, this broker also enables you to learn theoretical basics of trading forex and binaries. As we all know that theoretical knowledge always precedes praxis, we advise you to take a look at the Dukascopy TV. There you can find all kinds of webinars that can help you to upgrade your knowledge on trading.

Dukascopy Research Webinar is also something worthy of your attention. This webinar enables you to check out the latest analytical products, explains technical analysis of different currency pairs and does much, much more. There are also more specialized webinars, such as The Technical Analysis of Majors which focuses on currency pairs with the USD only, or Market Analysis in 3 Different Time Frames. As you can see, in the education section both professionals and beginners can find something for themselves.

We’d also like to say few words on the broker’s support team. We can say firsthand that they are very quick, reliable and well prepared for all possible situations. We tested them on several occasions and they reacted promptly every single time, helping us with everything we asked. As for the contact, there are several ways you can contact your broker. First of all, you can send them a message via the live chat, which is the simplest way. Besides that, you can call them on the phone and follow them on social media (Twitter or Facebook).

Dukascopy Contact

Dukascopy Contact

Dukascopy Review | Conclusion

And so, we come to the end of our Dukascopy Review. What have we learned? First of all, the registration process is quick and easy and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. There is a form that needs to be filled out, an account that needs to be chosen and a deposit that has to be made. Speaking of Dukascopy deposit, the minimum amount is set to 100 USD, but the broker also accepts many other currencies.

What really makes these guys different from the other brokers is the fact that they have a lot of programs in which their clients can participate even if they’re using the Dukascopy app. They have a lot of contests which are quite fun, and by participating in them you can also win prizes. What we like the most are the Social Trading Contest and the Strategy Contest, but with so many programs available, we are sure everyone will find something for themselves. On top of the community programs, Dukascopy bonus program is also something you should check out.

As you can see, this broker is really something special. Open an account with them and you will be trading with a company that has excellent security, reasonable financial requirements and takes great care of every single one of their traders!

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