EmpireOption Scam Inspection

Is EmpireOption Legit?

Is EmpireOption Legit?

Binary options trading is an exciting field and there are a lot of new possibilities and opportunities every day. On your way to becoming a profitable broker you have to be careful because there are a lot of new broker companies that see their opportunity in taking their users money. When you choose your broker you need to think about varios aspects. The number one aspect is safety and confidentiality. A lot of brokers, especially new ones are using all sorts of scams to take advantage of their clients. In this article we will try to find out are there any signals that EmpireOption is a scam site. Avoiding risks is the most important thing if you want to be came successful in trading binary options.

EmpireOption Scam Inspection | Regulation

EmpireOption is based in South America in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. A lot of traders see this as a potential problem because they think that economy in South America is not stabile and organized. But the truth is Uruguay is one of the leading economies in South America and it’s economy is improving every year. Furthermore, Uruguay is one of rare countries that insist on regulating the binary options trading industry. The fact that EmpireOption is regulated means that chances of them being a scam site are very small. EmpireOption has been in the business for almost five years now and that is another thing that indicates safety and stability. If they were a scam site they would not attract more and more customers all over the globe for such a long time. For more info about this topic visit Is Empire Option Legal.

Empire Option Withdrawal

EmpireOption Scam Inspection | Trading experience

EmpireOption uses SpotOption platform like many other brokers. While some people still have some doubts about SpotOption the truth is that they are the best developer in the industry and they offer a great level of safety and stability. Their software almost never crashes, there are no delays or any other scams that you can find when using broker that have their own systems. Some of the user complaints you can find on forums say that you have to invest a lot of money to trade on EmpireOption. We strongly disagree with that. You can start trading with as little as $200 and you will get a lot of attention from their customer service. The higher your account status is the more options you get. And with any of their accounts you have access to a lot of valuable tips for profitable trading. More about this topic you can see in our EmpireOption Account Types article. The withdrawal process is secure and reasonably fast and it takes from one to seven days to withdraw your money. If you have a lot of trades on the site the process is even faster because EmpireOption  appreciates it’s clients loyalty.

Empire Option Trading Platform

EmpireOption Scam Inspection | Overview

EmpireOption is definitely not a scam broker. This broker has a great safety record and almost all of their clients have a good word about the service they get. People who are complaining the most are the ones that lost their money because of their poor trading decisions. Our experience with EmpireOption is altogether very positive and we strongly recommend that you try out this broker as soon as possible.


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