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EZTrader Complatins Review

EZTrader Complatins

Eztrader, like many Binary Options Brokers, receives complaints from a relatively small number of dissatisfied traders. Nevertheless, complaints are apparent. It is no different in that aspect from any other broker out there… and therefore it’s true to say that there is no (online) company that does not receive complaints from dissatisfied customers, one way or another. The reason is, well, because each and every (online) company comprises of human beings. And like all human beings, nobody’s perfect.

The key to become a successful company on all aspects is to, first and far most, listen (acknowledge) and take action (respond) to those complaints. I, for once, know from experience that most mistakes, faults, bugs and other errors are detected in their preliminary stages by those who use the services of the company first hand, i.e. their customers/users/traders.

EZTrader Complaints | Swift response to Complaints

The strength of an operation is measured by the time and efforts it takes their crew or personnel to resolve the issue/problem at hand. A compensation is also an important variable to keep a customer satisfied and their business. This reminds me of a wisdom pearl by Rocky: “Life is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. No operation is resistant to mistakes. How mistakes are remitted is what makes a company truly successful at what it does. You simply cannot prevent all complaints from taking place. But you can provide a thorough insight, alternatives and/or means to resolve the situation.

EZTrader Options

EZTrader Complaints | Fewer and fewer Complaints

EZTrader seems to embrace that moto. I’ve had the misfortune of losing quite a bit on Binary Trading. I’d rather not say exactly how much. However, after speaking/complaining to a professional broker on their behalf, I took it upon myself to actually learn (online & offline) and verify the lessons/strategies he provided me – with other professional traders. There is nothing wrong with a second and even a third opinion, on the contraire, the more the merrier. The only catch is, you have to be sure of the opinions’ authenticity. If you can trust the person or people you speak with, you are more likely to accept their recommendations and gain knowledge (which translates into money eventually). Once I embraced their strategies, that’s when I started to reclaim some of the funds I’ve lost and actually gained a few bucks!

EZTrader Complaints | Conclusion

I am not afraid to admit that my friends and colleagues call me naïve at times. Some might even take it up a notch and say reckless. But, when it comes to my hard earned money, I look beyond the obvious/norm. I measure the company’s response time via E-mail, Chat and telephone query. I enter blogs and forums and read all there is to know about them, positive and negative. I look them up and speak to others who have had some experience with them to get the full picture.

With that in mind, I can definitely say that although EZTrader is not perfect, their employees aim to be and that is the only reason why I look beyond the complaints and focus on my experience when trading on their platform.


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Author: Mark Watson

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