EZTrader Minimum Deposit

EZTrader Minimum Deposit Review

EZTrader Minimum Deposit

Browsing the internet in search of a regulated Binary Options Brand / Broker according to minimum first time deposit (FTD) amount is not the best indicator to choose the desired platform you will eventually decide to trade on.

Most Binary Options’ Brokers insist on a minimum deposit amount of $200 (USD) / €200 / £200 / 1400 Skr, or the equivalent amount in any other currency, as long as it doesn’t fall short of $200. Subsequent deposits, i.e. the deposits that follow the first deposit, shouldn’t be a pre-determined amount. The minimum should be in the $20-$30 range, however.

EZTrader Minimum Deposit | How Much To Invest?

The parameter/criteria you should seriously consider ignoring rather than emphasizing your attention on when choosing a broker is the Minimum First Deposit amount. The reason is simple and logic: you cannot experience Binary Options trading with only $200. I might get crucified for saying this but your chances of profiting from such a low deposit amount.. amount to practically zero! It is highly recommended that you open an account with at least $500 (or the equivalent in your desired currency). This deposit amount will not only credit you with a hefty bonus, but it will also allow you to leverage your money, i.e. trade with larger amounts – a crucial element that will ultimately increase your chances to profit altogether.

EZTrader Minimum Deposit | Don’t sell yourself short!

As it turns out, many traders find the minimum first deposit amount similar to the buy-in amount in a poker / Texas Hold’em game. They couldn’t be more wrong!  If your plan is to donate your money to the broker from the very beginning, than by all means, be my guest and deposit the minimum amount. You are bound to lose it at a blink of an eye. The argument against my recommendation, some might say, is that they wish to get familiarized with the platform before deciding to invest more or walk away. To those people I respond: Why sell yourself short right from the start? Did you register and deposit the minimum amount only to lose it or do you wish to trade like a professional and actually generate a monthly income? The choice is yours.

EZTrader Withdrawal Methods

EZTrader Minimum Deposit | Conclusion

I received this tip specifically from an experienced broker at the regulated Binary Options Brokerage: EZTrader. I was skeptical at first, like most of you would probably be. This is just another way of making me deposit more – I figured… and earn that broker a higher commission. I learned the hard way, after losing my first deposit, that the broker only had the best intentions for me by providing me with this tip. Soon thereafter, I learned how to leverage my investment, trade wisely and most important, continue doing so with the help of my dedicated broker for as long as I can. If there is one similarity between Binary Options and Poker / Texas Hold’em it is the following: the more money you have, the more you can do with it… the more leverage you have, the more you can intimidate your competition. Now this may not apply exactly to Binary Options, but just like in any game (consider Binary options trading as a game – win or lose) your goal is to always come out on top!

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Author: Mark Watson

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