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At, we have been providing our own Free Binary Options Signals to our readers for more than a year now and the results have been nothing but positive. Our financial experts make sure these signals are as reliable as possible since each asset is thoroughly analyzed before we issue a trading signal. This is the reason why the service has a very high win rate. This way, Free Binary Options Signals save you not only a lot of money but a lot of time, as well.

We only share those signals which we believe to have a high probability of success and our experts search the market every day to present you with the best opportunities to make some money. This service is our way of saying thank you for all your positive feedback and the following text is a short guide to using Free Binary Options Signals in the most efficient way.

Main elements

Free Binary Options Signals

Date and time – traders always need to check this to make sure that the signal is valid on the day they are viewing it,while the chart clearly shows the conditions in which the signal was published.

Asset – an object of the trade

Entry value – a triggering value. The pair ratio needs to reach the entry value in order for the signal to be triggered.

Expiry time– the time at which the placed trade will expire; some brokers do not allow you to choose an expiry time stated in the signal and in these cases you are better off not placing a trade. This is simply because we cannot promise you a high win rate, since any other time then the expiry time from the signal is not the correct expiry time. Expiry time always applies to the same day the signal was published, and the exact time and date of publishing can be seen above the signal itself.

Option – an option should be chosen (a trade should be placed) only if the pair ratio manages to reach its entry value before the expiry time.


How to interpret them?

A signal should be used only when a pair ratio rises above (if we’re talking about a CALL signal) or drops below (if we’re talking about a PUT signal) the entry value indicated in the signal before the expiry time is reached. Let’s see a few examples.

Example 1

PUT Binary Options Signal

This is a PUT signal and the asset in question is a pair of currencies, EUR/USD. If their ratio should fall below the entry value of 1.1152 before 15.00 UTC, then a put option should be placed.

Example 2

CALL Binary Options Signal

Similarly, in this CALL signal, one should place a trade if the ratio of the same pair rises above the entry value of 1.1193 before the day ends in the UTC zone, i.e. before midnight. Friday is the only exception to this because all trades end at 22.00 UTC. As you can see, Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) zone is the zone of choice for all times mentioned in our signals.

When is signal triggered?

A signal is triggered only if the asset value touches the entry value mentioned in the signal. If the entry value is not reached, the signal is not triggered and no trades should be placed.

Expiry time not available

In case your broker doesn’t offer expiry time stated in the signal, you better don’t place the trade. The reason behind this is simple. We cannot promise you any win rate if you don’t trade according to the data from the signal.

UTC time zone

UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinated and is the same time zone as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If you need to check the current UTC zone time, please click here.


Approximately 65% of our Free Binary Options Signals are never triggered. The reason for this is what we mentioned in the introduction – we only share the signals which have the highest probability for success. We only want our signals to trigger if there is a very high chance of success because this is the only way to keep making money from your binary options investments. Patience and clear thinking are your best allies in your quest for profit, since you have to carefully choose your battles in this industry. Our Free Binary Options Signals are there to help you pick the most favorable trades and to make sure you always know which step to take next.


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