Genesis, the Option500 robot

Genesis Option500 Robot

Genesis Option500 Robot

We have another trading robot to analyze for you, but this one promises to be a bit above its competition. As soon as you get to its website, you will notice that it has been designed with great care, and considering that a very reputable broker is behind this venture, we feel we have every right to expect a lot.

Whether or not our expectations were met, you can find out in the rest of this text because we are going to approach this product very seriously. Everything will be analyzed in a very professional manner.

After all, our goal is to help you find the best way to open trades. So, allow us to introduce you to Genesis, the Option500 robot.

A versatile trading assistant

The first thing we would like to say is that you shouldn’t view this as just another trading robot. No, this is actually a full-fledged trading assistant. Sure, it can execute trades while you’re not in front of your computer just like any other robot, but Genesis can also give you trading advice and tips in form of its own trading signals. Therefore, you can also learn a lot from using this trading “partner”, if we can call it that. On top of that, the whole system is completely free, which means that signing up can only be profitable for you. At the very least, you will get some interesting signals. However, this Option500 robot can offer more than that, a lot more. Just keep reading, and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Three different modes

If you have ever used something like this before, then you know that robots usually have a list of brokers they work with. The same principle applies here, with of course the creators of this robot being also present on the list (we also have a very detailed Option500 Review for you if you want to see what they offer). After that, you will need to open a real trading account with you chosen broker and then choose one of the three modes you can use Option500 robot with.
Like we said, you can use it as a standard robot, meaning you simply switch it to automated trading mode and let it do its thing. You can also trade with the help of its signals, but you can also mix the two approaches. In this third mode, Genesis will scan for the best short trades, while you are in charge of your long-term investment. Quite a lot of options, wouldn’t you agree? But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Option500 Trading Platform

Option500 Trading Platform

An Option500 robot bonus???

Apart from giving you a lot of great options, signing up here will give you access to an Option500 robot bonus. Yes, if you decide to deploy this robot, you will even be rewarded for it!
Here’s how it works. Quite simple, really: once you sign up with a broker of your choice and make a deposit, you will be rewarded with a bonus. This amount automatically becomes your Option500 robot bonus, and the software can use it immediately to open trades and invest on your behalf. The rest is pretty much all the same as with standard brokers – these are trading funds which can only be withdrawn once you meet the requirements set by your broker. What we can tell you, however, is that this bonus can go up to 250 GBP, which is quite considerable when you compare it with what you get in the rest of the industry. Therefore, you will get quite a boost just by signing up. But how will Genesis know where to invest? We will answer that in the next part of the review.


How does Option500 robot work?

You may be wondering after all of this how Option500 robot works. We already said that you can utilize it in a couple of different ways, but what makes it tick? Well, it bases its predictions on several trading indicators: MACD, RSI, Stoch, Williams, CCI and more. Therefore, we can certainly say that it performs a very detailed analysis. Furthermore, five years of development have been invested in it, which is certainly quite impressive, especially when you consider the fact that some very knowledgeable traders worked on Genesis’ creation. The result of their efforts is an automated trading software with a success rate of more than 90 percent. Impressive, right? More than 100,000 people are currently using it, a number that speaks a lot about the robot’s popularity and reliability. But when it comes to that subject, there are many other features we need to mention. Keep reading to learn everything about the security system surrounding the robot.

Option500 Home Page

Option500 Home Page

Any chance for an Option500 robot scam?

OK, checking for any kind of Option500 robot scam is probably the most important thing we can do at this point. All these great features are worth nothing if you can’t be sure you’ll be treated fairly. So, what have we found?
Well, like we said, a lot of effort has gone into creating Genesis, plus the brokers you can choose when using the robot are all serious and very professional companies. But that’s just the beginning! If you go to the robot’s website, you will see loads of certificates and proofs of security. 256-bit SSL encryption, for example, is there, as are certificates from big security companies such as Norton, TrustArc and even a Scan Alert’s Hacker Safe seal. Of course, all monetary transactions are done via exceptionally secure methods such as Visa and MasterCard (3-D Secure layer is present, of course) and bank wire transfers. Because of all that, we firmly believe Option500 robot scam is simply not an option here, a statement we can back from our own experience. However, if you need more proof about that, it’s just below, so don’t go away.


What do others say about Option500 Robot?

Apart from this Option500 robot review, there are plenty more out there you can read, but in this part of the article, we are more interested in the comments other users have made. Some are right there on Genesis’ website, some were interviewed by us, and what you can see from them is that this product is commonly used pretty much all over Europe. Germany and the United Kingdom are the most represented countries, but more examples can also be found. The question is, what do these people have to say?
We are happy to report that users are very satisfied with what they got from this robot. They say that it represents exactly the kind of help they expected when they signed up for it. The software makes rational predictions every time and never slides off the tracks and never does anything that could be considered completely illogical. In short, there are no serious complaints traders can make about this bot’s performance. On top of that, it is very commendable that you can contact people running the show here whenever you want. We will show you how to do that in the next paragraph.

Option500 Contact

Option500 Contact

Option500 robot support

If you want to be sure no Option500 robot scam is going to happen, we recommend that you go ahead and talk to the people who created and manage this software. This should give you all the proof you need that this is a legit operation. You can contact the team in several different ways, however fits you best.
There are two main contact methods you can use: e-mail and phone. You can also find the company’s address on the website if you want to check anything or if you need it for any other reason. In any case, you will be talking to a well-educated, very diligent staff member whose main mission is to help you out with anything you need. These guys work 24/7, so you can expect an answer quickly no matter when you contact them. Every time we talked to them, our traders were very pleased with the quality of service they got, and we’re sure you will be too. With that, we believe we have now covered everything you need to know about Genesis, so let’s give a short recap to conclude this Option500 robot review.


Genesis is, beyond any doubt, an excellent trading assistant which can serve multiple functions – it can execute trades on your behalf, and it can help you learn and give you some trading tips in the form of trading signals. This Option500 robot is certainly one of the complete products of its kind we have ever seen in this industry, but that shouldn’t surprise you given that years of work have been invested into perfecting it. The bot makes its predictions after analyzing several well-known indicators, plus it has loads of certificates and security seals, so you can be absolutely sure you are in good hands. It is also supported by several very well-known brokers, plus the team behind it can be easily reached at any time. People who signed up on this website have nothing but praise for the way the robot performed, and the same can be said for us. Therefore, if you want someone competent to do the trading for you while you’re not in front of your computer, this seems to be an excellent choice. Open an account now and you can even get a bonus!


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