GOptions Ladder Trading

GOptions Ladder Trading Review

GOptions Ladder Trading

For feeling and trading like a professional the GOptions Ladder Trading is a real great offering. This is something new in the market and is much appreciated by high volume traders especially when trading in a highly volatile market. This does not however mean that the strategy is not good for new traders or traders who are trading with a small capital.

There are various reviews on GOptions online saying that it is useful and getting popular among all types of traders as the options of getting the right price target are multiple rather than one as in the case of other strategies. The benefit is that with one trade a trader can have 5 times the probability of ending with a win as the traders get to choose 5 different strike prices in either direction.

GOptions Ladder Trading | How does it work?


  • Choose an asset

Choosing an asset for trading with the GOptions Ladder Trading strategy is easy as currently there are only three assets available; which are- EUR/USD which is available for trading between 00:00 to 20:00 GMT, GBP/USD for trading between 09:00 to 17:00 GMT and AUD/USD for trading between 06:00 to 20:00 GMT.

  • Choose a time of expiry

Depending on the choice of the asset, a trader can chose the time of expiry from the various options that become available with the choice of an asset.

  • Specify the amount of investment

The minimum amount of investment can be $10, as stated in our GOptions Review 2016, and this can be increased in multiples of 10 till a maximum of $100.


Once the above process is done you will see a chart on the trading platform which will give you 5 prices at the time of expiry, which will be both above the current price and below the current price thus replicating the rungs of the ladder – hence its given the name of GOptions Ladder Trading. With each price you will be able to see the amount you will get and the % of profit that can be made depending on your choice of “Above” or “Below”. Now you can make appropriate choices and wait for the trade to reach its time of expiry.


Once the time of expiry is reached you can easily understand your position by consulting the chart and the price reached at the time of expiry. It’s good to know that GOptions Demo Account also allows you to take a shot in GOptions ladder trading, but without risking any money.

GOptions Binary Options Broker Trading Platform EUR/USD

GOptions Ladder Trading | Advantages of Using this Strategy

  • High Payouts

This strategy allows a trader to earn higher payouts which may go as high as 1000%.

  • Quantum of profit /Risk is known

The amount of profit or risk that each trade will result in is known clearly before you start the trade; therefore you can choose the amount of risk that you want to take.

  • Transparency

Additionally, as everything is displayed right on the screen, there is transparency which makes it easier to understand even for new traders.

  • Equally good for new and experienced traders.

Both new and professional traders can benefit by using the GOptions Ladder Trading as this strategy allows a trader to win 5 times as compared to once in most other strategies for trading binary options.

  • Minimum hands on time required

As you already know the time of expiry so there is no need of a constant watch when using this strategy.

  • Good strategy in volatile markets

The GOptions Ladder Trading strategy is most suitable for trading in highly volatile markets as this increases not just the chances of more wins but also a higher payout.


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