Grand Capital Review

Grand Capital Review

Grand Capital Review

Grand Capital is one of the most experienced brokers you can currently find on the market, since this company was launched way back in 2006. Originating from the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, this broker is one of the most dominant forces on the global financial market, with offices all around Europe and Asia. Don’t worry if you’re from the USA, though, because you can trade with this broker, too. As a matter of fact, you will have access to some special features, but we will talk about that in the next part of this Grand Capital review. Although this company started out as a forex broker, recently they have turned their attention to the binary options market, so naturally we became very intrigued. The result of that curiosity is this Grand Capital review which will be quite extensive, something that was to be expected given the size and importance of this broker. Keep reading and see for yourself why this company is so respected in the global trading community.

Grand Capital Review | USA vs. EU

One interesting thing worth mentioning in this Grand Capital review is the fact that this broker has different offers for US traders and EU traders. You see, if you come from the United States, you will have the option of closing trades early in order to preserve your profit when your option is in the money. However, if you decide to do this, you will not be able to collect the full amount – your profit will be diminished depending on how much time was left between the moment you decided to close your trade and the time when your trade was supposed to expire. The earlier you decide to withdraw your money, the lower will your profit be and there will be a small commission to pay for this move. This gives you a lot of flexibility and business possibilities, so you can plan your every move to great detail and control your profits at all times. To know exactly how much you stand to receive at any point in time, consult the broker’s website and find the equation depicting the whole process. That way you can have complete control of your investment.

Grand Capital Office

Grand Capital Office

Europeans don’t have the possibility to close their trade early, but what they do have is higher payout rates. This evens the playing field and allows traders from Europe to match the profits of their U.S. counterparts. If you’re from Europe, you don’t have to worry about any commissions and the amount of time left before your option expires – just think everything through and place your investment.

Grand Capital Review | Other interesting modes

The company also has some very interesting and unique modes to offer to its clients and they absolutely must be mentioned in this Grand Capital review. The first one is the so called Double touch mode where you are required to choose two levels an asset’s price will reach. You are basically trying to determine the limits of its fluctuation and if you are successful, an additional bonus will be awarded to your account. Keep in mind, however, that this mode is only available to traders from Europe.
Breakout mode is another interesting take on binary options trading and, once again, this mode is only available to European traders. Here you set the price you think an asset will reach and then you try to guess the timeframe in which the fluctuation will occur. If your prediction turns out to be correct, you will once again receive additional funds and further increase your account balance. Grand Capital’s website has equations which show you how your bonus amounts are calculated, so you will know at all times how much you stand to win if your predictions are correct.

Grand Capital Review | LAMM service

Another thing worth mentioning in this Grand Capital review is the so called LAMM service this broker provides. With it, you can link up your account with a professional trader (sometimes also called a Manager) and copy his/her trades. This is a great way to learn all you need to know about the market and improve the success rate of your investments. Don’t worry, you will always have complete control over your account and if you happen to disagree with a Manager’s choices, you can simply cancel the trade. The Managers are also carefully ranked and divided into different categories in order to ease your search for the right mentor, but keep in mind that you can only connect your account to a Manager from the same region (Europe or the U.S.). This service has been available for quite a while to traders who trade forex with this broker, so you don’t need to worry about its implementation. Everything is very well fleshed out and functions as it’s supposed to for the binary options, as well. A very helpful tool, if you ask us.
This, of course, is not everything the company has to offer, and we still have some features to cover in this Grand Capital review. Stick with us a bit longer to learn more about this broker and read some feedback from traders who were willing to share their binary options stories with us.

Grand Capital Trading

Grand Capital Meta Trader 4

Grand Capital Review | Demo account

We continue our Grand Capital review with another way to learn about binary options trading which is by using a Grand Capital demo account. This special kind of account allows traders to test everything this fine broker has to offer, but without any risk of losing their money. You get to make some trades with virtual money which is automatically awarded to you when you open this account, so you will be able to see exactly how the market behaves in various conditions. This makes it especially useful for less experienced traders who still need to develop their skill to identify a good deal and who need to be able to recognize the right time to invest. More experienced brokers can use this feature to test out new strategies and approaches to the market, so it’s safe to say that this feature can offer something to just about any trader.

Given the fact that this broker uses Meta Trader 4 to power its trading platform, some practice certainly seems to be in order if you have absolutely no previous trading experience or were a client of some other brokerage which uses some other trading software. WebTrader, an online trading platform installed directly to your browser, is also a possibility with Grand Capital and another reason to open a demo account. It supports most of the modern web-browsers, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it. Meta Trader 4 and WebTrader are fully compatible with each other which means you can conduct your trades in either of them and all data will be saved and accessible through the other platform. Both of these pieces of software offer numerous possibilities, from your account information to a detailed technical analysis, which is an additional reason to approach them through a demo account – you will need time to master all these features.

But there are more things worth examining in this Grand Capital review, so stay with us just a little bit more. More information means better chances for success when trading with this company.


Grand Capital Review | Withdrawals

Grand Capital withdrawal is certainly worth mentioning here because all traders want to know what their options are when they need to access their funds, so the logical thing to do is to include it in our Grand Capital review. First of all, there are two main groups of methods for you to choose from – electronic payments and bank wire transfers. If you’re a more casual trader, we recommend using electronic payment methods because they have percentage-based commissions which do not exceed 2% and are often lower than 1% of the amount you withdraw, depending on your service provider. These methods are also processed faster (up to 3 days) and some of them offer more currencies than the bank wire methods do.

In any case, there are nine electronic payment systems for you to choose from, with some very famous names like Neteller, Skrill and Webmoney thrown into the mix. If you’re a more serious trader aiming to withdraw larger amounts, bank wire transfers would perhaps be the better option for you, since most of them have fixed commissions. You get to choose between four different currencies here (EUR, CHY, USD and RUB) and only if you withdraw in rubles will the commission be percentage-based (3%). For other currencies the commission is set at 50 EUR, so when you know how much you want to withdraw, calculate the percentages and then compare the methods to see which one suits you best. All of your requests will take from 3 to 5 days to get processed and after that the funds will appear in your bank account.

Grand Capital Account Types

Grand Capital Account Types

The security of this platform is impeccable, as seen in our Grand Capital Scam Test. Our financial experts tested this platform thoroughly and found absolutely no issues, so you can rest assured that your funds and your identity are extremely well protected.

Grand Capital Review | Minimum Deposit

One of the most important reasons why this broker has become so popular is the Grand Capital minimum deposit. Financial requirements set by this company are among the lowest ones in the industry and they allow literally everyone to experience the thrills of binary options trading. Methods for making the minimum deposit are even more numerous than those for making a withdrawal because here you also have the option of depositing money via money orders (Western Union, MoneyGram and Handybank). In addition, there are more electronic payment methods available and you can also choose between Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron credit card brands. It will only take 15 minutes to process your electronic deposits and a day to process a deposit made by money orders, while the processing of bank wire transfers still takes from 3 to 5 days.

Grand Capital Deposit Page

Grand Capital Deposit Page

The thing that has to be mentioned here which proves this broker’s dedication to its clients is the fact that Grand Capital will compensate all fees charged to you by electronic payment systems and credit card companies, provided that your deposit is higher than $300. They will do the same if you deposit your money through Handy Bank money orders, but this offer does not include other two companies that provide this particular service nor does it include any of the bank wire transfers.
But to get back to the beginning of this part of our Grand Capital review, the financial requirements this broker sets in front of its clients are exceptionally low. Grand Capital minimum deposit is only $200, while the lowest trade one can make is worth a single dollar. Binary options trading really doesn’t get much easier than this and you will have a difficult time finding other brokers that can match this great offer. As already mentioned in the part about Grand Capital withdrawal, you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to the safety aspect of this whole process because this company approaches every transaction extremely seriously. That’s it for this topic, only one more part of this Grand Capital review left. Stay with us just a little bit more.

Grand Capital Review | Testimonials

The final part of this Grand Capital review will take a look at what some of the traders we interviewed had to say about this broker. Most of the reactions were extremely positive which shouldn’t really come as a surprise if you keep in mind the amount of experience this broker has. Only the best brokers can survive in this business for this long. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to hear from the traders themselves. Here are some of their stories:

“I never even dreamed of becoming a trader. I was never very interested in this business to begin with, it all seemed very time-consuming and complicated to me. One day, a friend told me I should check Grand Capital out because he had been trading for a couple of months and had made some pretty nice amounts. After much deliberation, I opened an account and became hooked within a few hours. My perception of trading changed completely – there was nothing complicated about it, only assets going up or down. Joining Grand Capital was a great business decision and I’ve never regretted it.” – Valeriya Bendlina, Moscow, Russia

“I’ve been a Grand Capital client for years now and I really don’t see a brokerage which can come even close to them. I mean, they have been in this business for almost ten years which says a lot about the company’s quality. You simply know you are going to get the best possible service from them. The community is vibrant and I’ve made some really good friends in this business, too. It’s always nice to have somebody to discuss strategies with and try to come up with even better plans for making money. I can’t even imagine my everyday life without Grand Capital and binary options anymore.” – Peter Livingsworth, Blackburn, England

“Grand Capital is such a great broker! No wonder they have been on the market for a decade. This company really makes sure you have everything you need while trading and they offer some pretty interesting bonuses, too. You can even compete with other traders and see how you stack up against them. But the most important thing is the fact that you know you are in complete control – if you’re smart and patient, you will significantly improve your account balance. No scams, no tricks, no problems! What you see is what you get, and with just a bit of effort this can become a very nice source of income for anyone. I highly recommend it!” – Luc Faure, Strasbourg, France

Grand Capital Review | Conclusion

So there you have it, we have reached the end of our Grand Capital review. We hope that it has clearly shown why this company has managed to obtain such a strong position in the binary options world and why so many traders are delighted to conduct their trades on this platform. The support is great and some very attractive bonuses add much to the whole experience. In short, this is a very professional and completely reliable broker that will do its absolute best to provide you with a satisfying trading experience. Open an account with them today and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

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