Grand Capital Scam Test

Grand Capital Scam Test

Grand Capital Scam Test

Founded way back in 2006, Grand Capital is one of the oldest brokers you can find on the market. This Russian company started off as a forex broker, but now it’s entering the binary options industry, so we simply had to take a look at what it has to offer. Our reliable team of experts was deployed to check the quality and reliability of Grand Capital’s platform and look for any signs of a Grand Capital scam. As always, they have produced a thorough report with many interesting details. Keep reading and you will see why this company has managed to survive in this business for so long and develop into a much respected broker.

Grand Capital Scam Test | Platform(s)

Grand Capital uses Meta Trader 4 as its trading platform, and we are happy to say that this has proven to be an excellent choice. The platform allows you to choose between more than 330 different trading instruments, including spot-metals, currency pairs, gold, silver, futures, indices and CFD stocks. This platform is also compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, so you will be able to access it whenever and wherever you want. One particularly interesting feature that caught our eye was the possibility to lock positions and manage several accounts at the same time. Your investment possibilities will therefore become greatly increased.

Grand Capital Trading

Grand Capital Meta Trader 4

Another thing worth mentioning here is the existence of WebTrader. WebTrader is an online trading platform which will be placed directly into your web browser, so you can have access to all trading information as soon as you start surfing the web. It is completely compatible with the aforementioned Meta Trader 4 and requires no installation, meaning that it only takes a few clicks to acquire this useful tool. It is extremely well designed, allowing you to keep your forex and binary options investments separated. Technical analysis, double touch options, one-click trading and many more interesting features are also available for binary options traders here and they can be easily tested with a Grand Capital demo account.
We can say with outmost confidence that both of these platforms function absolutely flawlessly. Our experts had no troubles accessing their trades, prices were accurate and generally there were no signs of a Grand Capital scam. Thumbs up!

Grand Capital Bonus Page

Grand Capital Bonus Page

Grand Capital Scam Test | Regulatory bodies

Grand Capital is also a member of two regulatory organizations – KROUFR and CRFIN. The first one controls and regulates the financial markets in Russia and seeks to protect all traders from scams while the second one is a non-profit organization focused on financial instruments and technologies. Both of them keep a watchful eye on all types of trading conducted in the Russian Federation, so that all traders can be immediately notified should a scam broker be discovered. Not only does this mean that a Grand Capital scam is not likely to happen, but is also shows this broker’s dedication to its clients and its willingness to make the markets in general a much safer place. This level of dedication is really hard to find these days in the financial business and, judging from the number of clients Grand Capital has, traders seem to appreciate it very much. For more interesting facts about this broker, visit our extensive Grand Capital Review.

Grand Capital Scam Test | Money transfers

Even when it comes to transferring your money, this broker has plenty to offer. Four different currencies (euro, US dollar, Chinese yuan and Russian ruble) are accepted if you wish to perform a bank wire transfer. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are also completely valid options for USD and RUB currencies, but electronic payment systems is where this broker truly excels. Over a dozen different brands are available for you to make your choice, starting with the good old Neteller all the way to Skrill and Union Pay. If none of these methods suit you, you can even pick a money order company such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

Grand Capital Deposit Page

Grand Capital Deposit Page

But the best thing here is that if you make a deposit larger than $300, you won’t need to pay any commissions. Grand Capital has got you covered all the way. Obviously this does not apply to bank transfers because the broker cannot influence a bank’s policy, but for both credit card brands available, all electronic payment systems and Handy Bank money orders the fee applied to deposits above $300 is exactly 0%. For smaller deposits these commissions range from 0.5% to 4% (only Neteller has a fee this high), but you will usually need to pay somewhere between 1% and 3% of your investment.
We have tested all of these transfer methods thoroughly and once again found absolutely no evidence of a Grand Capital scam. The commissions system works as promised and your money will be treated with all due respect here. This way you can fully focus on extracting profit from your trades.

Grand Capital Scam Test | Conclusion

To conclude, during our time with this broker we found absolutely no evidence of Grand Capital scam. How could we? The company has been a part of the financial industry for almost a decade now and if there was any Grand Capital scam here, you can be sure the broker wouldn’t have endured on the market for so long. Versatile platform and incredibly numerous transfer methods are the company’s main forte and these characteristics will enable you to have an absolutely wonderful trading experience. We should mention once again that Grand Capital is also actively involved in protecting the financial markets through various organizations, so we can safely say this broker really does everything in its power to help not just its clients, but all traders. Grand Capital scam of any kind is simply not possible. So don’t wait, open an account with them today and see for yourself why Grand Capital has been present on the market for almost ten years. Right now, they are stronger than ever.

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