HFTrading Review

HFTrading Broker ReviewThere is another fairly new addition to the trading world that needs to be examined. HFTrading was only launched last year, with its eyes set on the trading population of Australia and New Zealand. It’s not to often that we get a company focused exclusively on that part of the world, so we became quite intrigued. Is HFTrading something traders down under can look forward to? To find that out, we needed to thoroughly test what the broker has come up with, which is why we instructed our team over there to go in incognito, as is our practice, and report back. The resulting HFTrading review is very interesting indeed, so read on and prepare to meet a very special broker.

HFTrading background

So, what is HFTrading and are they worthy of your trust and time? Well, this is a broker that focuses solely on New Zealand and Australia, so if you’re from one of these countries, you should be really excited. Now, the company behind it is CTRL Investments Ltd, and they have offices and are registered in both of the aforementioned countries. More importantly, they are also regulated by ASIC and by New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority. Therefore, HFTrading is regulated in two countries and can be considered a completely legit broker.

The offer focuses, as you might expect, on CFDs, and there is a huge selection of available assets. Literally hundreds of them in total are at your disposal, which is certainly very impressive. However, our HFTrading review is just getting started, and we need to dive in much deeper if we are to find out what to expect on this website.

HFTrading trading platform

The first thing we want to mention is the fact that everything here revolves around MetaTrader 4. No matter if you want to trade from your desktop, use your web-browser to log in or invest on the go from your mobile device, you will be using this software to do it. And that’s a great thing!

Some of you may know that MT4 is widely regarded as the best software in the industry. It’s certainly the best known one and offers loads of great features such as loads of customization options, different chart types and timeframes, loads of excellent indicators, and even alerts via SMS or e-mail. This tells you that the broker is very familiar with the world of trading and that the choice of HFTrading trading platform was made so that every trader can get the best possible experience.

The same goes for HFTrading mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices alike. Here too will you have all the best features MetaTrader 4 has to offer and be able to react quickly to any market movement. Thumbs up for HFTrading trading platform, no doubt about that.

HFTrading Trading-Platforms

HFTrading Trading-Platforms

HFTrading trading instruments

But what exactly can you trade on this excellent platform? Oh, loads of things! There are actually more than 750 different trading assets to choose from. That’s an enormous number! In other words, pretty much whatever you can think of that can be invested in online is here: currency pairs (some of which are quite exotic and interesting, so do check this category out), cryptocurrencies, stocks, metal, indices, and a couple of other categories that are sure to find their audience. Obviously, it would be really nice to have some sort of tool to help keep track of this huge number of assets. They have a couple of them, so keep reading.

HFTrading calendars

Fortunately, the people in charge here have remembered that with this amount of assets traders may need some assistance. That’s why they’ve put a couple of great calendars in place to make your life easier. The economic calendar HFTrading has prepared is very detailed and can show you three different types of impact an event has – forecasted, actual and previous.

Very helpful! But in addition to that, you can also easily access Yahoo Finance’s earnings report calendar, which is a feature we would definitely like to see more from other brokers. Here you can track when various companies will announce earnings on an annual and quarterly basis, so you can create a strategy much more easily, especially if you’re focusing on stocks, for example. With these two calendars, making the right move becomes much easier.

HFTrading Review

HFTrading Review

HFTrading trading accounts

In order to trade with this broker, you have to open one of the trading accounts. There are three to choose
from – Silver, Gold and Platinum – each tailored to a specific type of trader.

If you’re new to this whole trading thing, the Silver Account is for you. You can get leverage of up to 1:200 with it, which is quite impressive, and there are no commissions to worry about. As a matter of fact, HFTrading charges no commissions period, although you will have to watch out for spreads and stuff like that – that’s still there.

The Gold Account is for more experienced traders who are still not full-time pros. The leverage in this case goes up to 1:400, the spreads become lower, and there is also a swap discount of 25% included in the package. On top of all that, hedging is also allowed!

Finally, you have the Platinum Account which is meant for true trading professionals. The spreads are lowered even more, and the swap discount grows to 50%, no less. You will also get news alert here, as well as free VPS, which makes this a HFTrading trading account very much worth considering. Especially because it only has a minimum deposit requirement of 300 AUD (more about the deposits later on in the review).

HFTrading Account Type

HFTrading Account Type

More HFTrading accounts

But that’s still not all! Apart from the live trading account, you have a variety of demo accounts to choose from, something for each type of trading offered by HFTrading. So, no matter if you want to trade crypto, CFDs, or just want to test MetaTrader 4 out to get a feeling for it, you can do so for free.

It also needs to be mentioned that HFTrading has Islamic accounts in its offer, too. What does that mean? Simply, it means that Muslim traders have the option of trading in full accordance with the main principles of their religion if they so desire. These accounts are swap-free and can be activated by contacting the broker personally.

HFTrading deposit

So far, our HFTrading review seems to be on the right track, but now we have to tackle the financial conditions the company will ask from you. As always, the first stop is the deposit process. There are more than enough of deposit methods to choose from here: Visa, MasterCard and bank transfers are all standard options, but you can also go for things like Skrill, Neteller or even Maestro cards. HFTrading’s minimum deposit requirement is 250 AUD, which is quite average in the trading industry.

A fairly standard amount, and there are plenty of brokers out there with the same or even lower requirement. However, because of this, the Platinum Account becomes very attractive since you can get access to absolutely everything the broker offers for just 50 AUD more than the minimum deposit. Compared to top-tier account packages of most other brokers in the industry, this is a fantastic deal.

HFTrading Deposits

HFTrading Deposits

HFTrading withdrawal

As for HFTrading withdrawals, we first have to say that we had absolutely no problems with it during our time with the broker. The process works pretty much as you would expect, but it needs to be said that all withdrawal requests will be processed within one working day. After that, it will depend on your payment service provider when the process will be completed.

While there is no minimum HFTrading withdrawal requirement as such, be aware that withdrawals below 100 AUD will come with a 50 AUD fee, so there’s really no point in making those. The same applies if you’re withdrawing from an inactive account. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, the minimum HFTrading withdrawal can be considered to be 100 AUD. From that point on, no fees will be applied.

HFTrading support

The support HFTrading provides should really be more than enough for every trader. The main method of communication is the live chat, and you can get in touch with an operator there fairly quickly. The staff gets right to the point and doesn’t waste your time unnecessarily, which is certainly something we can appreciate. Apart from communicating through chat, you can also contact HFTrading by phone and email.

Both of these methods appear to be just as reliable as the chat, as we received detailed answers through both of these channels in a reasonable amount of time. The only objection here can be the lack of a dedicated FAQ section, but the company’s Terms & Conditions are so detailed that you should have no problems digging out any piece of information there.

HFTrading education

A special part of this HFTrading review has to be dedicated to the broker’s education center. Yes, after the trading instruments, we have another very impressive aspect of the broker’s offer. The center is extremely well supplied with all sorts of education materials, which really leaves an excellent impression when you come to the website. You really feel like the broker wants you to have the best chance for success and will go to great lengths to make you feel confident and ready to take on the market.

Videos, articles, tutorials and guides can all be accessed very easily, from any device, and the topics covered are quite varied and suited for traders of all skill levels. We would recommend this education center to beginners the most, since you will quickly get a grasp of the most basic trading terms and strategies this way. HFTrading deserves to be commended for this part of their website.

HFTrading Education

HFTrading Education

HFTrading security

We’ve already covered many elements of this topic in this HFTrading review, but there are a few other things that need to be mentioned. First, though, allow us to repeat once again that the broker has TWO valid licenses (ASIC and New Zealand’s FMA), which should give you a pretty clear idea of the level of professionalism and security you can expect here.

However, a lot has been done from the technological perspective, too. In addition to using SSL encryption to protect its clients’ data when completing a transaction, HFTrading also deploys powerful firewalls to
make sure everything stays safe. In addition, the broker is very careful when it comes to its KYC policy which it uses to maintain a secure trading environment and make sure all traders are legit. As is the standard in the industry, you will have to verify your name and residence in order for your profile to become fully operational.


At the end of our HFTrading review, we can only conclude that we’re really sorry this broker is sticking to New Zealand and Australia only for the moment. Some of the features it offers can only be described as stellar, and that especially goes for the number of assets and the number of educational materials that have been prepared for you.

The impressive number of assets is traded on MT4, which is a clear statement by the broker that compromises in the trading environment are not acceptable. Furthermore, the addition of not one but two great calendars makes the whole process of planning your next move much easier. When you have hundreds of assets to choose from, tools like this come in really handy.

The minimum deposit requirement is average when compared to most other brokers, but that only makes the Platinum Account stand out even more – the difference is only 50 AUD and well worth paying. So, our conclusion is – if you’re in Australia or New Zealand and want to trade, open an account with HFTrading right now. You will find absolutely everything you need for a pleasant trading experience with them.

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Author: Mark Watson

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