InstaForex Scam Test

InstaForex Scam Test

InstaForex Scam Test

The most important question any trader asks before depositing money with a certain broker is if the broker works honestly or scams its clients. It is pretty difficult to detect a fraudulent broker from the first glance, especially with the modern hard marketing techniques. Still, there are a few areas pointing out a potential scam nature of a broker. What are these? Mainly, implementation of the trading platform as well as the deposit and withdrawal process. Let’s take a look at how these features come into action at Forex Options by InstaForex.

InstaForex Scam Test | Trading Platform

Forex Options service is available for traders in two versions – in the client cabinet and as an add-on for the MetaTrader4 platform. A trader can choose the most convenient way for him. Both are absolutely secure; however, they serve different needs.

If one wants to use technical analysis tools to forecast the price movement of a certain asset, the add-on for MT4 will do just great. A trader can use Pattern Graphix, Autochartist or other advisors available in great numbers on Forex market. This is also a good chance for forex traders to enter the binary world of put/call options with an already familiar and comfortable interface. MT4 platform is the most popular solution for trading currency assets all around the globe and is recognized as the most useful and powerful by a vast majority of traders. So, there is basically no scam risk associated with the use of this platform.

InstaForex Withdrawal Page

InstaForex Withdrawal Page

For those who are unfamiliar with MetaTrader, InstaForex provides an opportunity to use the service of Forex Options via either a client cabinet or an API. Currency quotes and options execution are fully consistent with that of the MT4. This proves that the two mechanisms InstaForex developed in-house are straightforward, corruption-free and are indeed in line with the world-class independent platforms. The interface of both cabinet and API platforms is intuitive, clean and customizable.  There is also an exhaustive list of technical analysis indicators that can be applied to the chart of an asset. Forex Options service has not only the same high quality level of execution competitive to that of the world-class platform, but also the set of technical analytical tools to help traders make educated decisions. So, InstaForex has ensured that its in-house implementation of Forex Options is a competitive offer on the binary market.


InstaForex Scam Test | Deposit and Withdrawal

No matter how attractive a platform in itself is, it is just a mere mean making profit. Which a trader wants to withdraw freely. Financial procedures a broker implements can say a lot about its attitude to security of clients’ funds and the company’s sustainability. InstaForex, which powered Forex Options, is a bright example of this statement in action.

InstaForex employs a perfectly just system of security check-ups which help to identify possible frauds that might happen at the client’s side. These include identity thefts, money laundering  instances and abuse of the company’s policies. Yes, they take security pretty seriously.

When you are new at InstaForex, each of your withdrawals will go through at least two specialists who will assess how “clean” the profits are.  First examination aims at checking whether the client has broken any of the rules established in the client’s agreement. That is how the company hedges itself from the talented swindlers. So, if you are not one of them, there is nothing for you to worry about in case your withdrawal is set aside for this inspection. Second examination is a pure financial check. Here comes the rule of original source of funds and possibly some other identity investigations. The goal of the financial checks is to ensure that the funds come to the right place and to the right person.

In rare cases a company may also request a client to pass a 2-level verification; however, it is often times optional and is up to the client. So, there are three security checks your account can potentially undergo when you make a withdrawal. The good news for honest traders is that altogether these shouldn’t take more than 7 hours.

InstaForex Expiry Options

InstaForex Expiry Options

InstaForex Scam Test | Final Remarks

InstaForex, the company that powered Forex Options, is serious about security , employing up to 3 examination for each withdrawal. Sometimes the whole examination process gets stuck because a trader neglects requests of the company about certain documents or fails to provide them in decent quality. To be honest, forums are full of discussion on such instances. However, once a given a closer unbiased look, the accusations fall apart. After all, a company who provides that many services for hundreds of thousands of active traders does want to keep its own sustainability alive and well. This is, however, a fair price tag for the tools they provide to the traders completely free of charge.


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