IQ Option Australia

IQ Option Australia

IQ Option Australia

If you’re even remotely familiar with the world of online trading, you will immediately recognize IQ Option as one of the best brokers in the business. This company made a huge splash back in 2013 when it entered the market with some ridiculously low financial requirements. These requirements enabled them to attract a huge number of clients, many of which could previously not afford to trade binary options. The company grew at a very high speed and soon they were able to expand even outside of the European Union. But are they present in Australia? Is IQ Option Australia even a thing? To find the answer to those and all related questions, all you have to do is keep reading.

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Is IQ Option available in Australia? 

It’s easy to see why IQ Option Australia would be immensely popular – Australians love to trade, and IQ Option is among the very finest brokers in the world. This is primarily because of their low financial requirements and advanced trading platform, two features that allow any trader to easily sign up and enjoy their trades. Unfortunately, Australian traders are not accepted by this company at the moment due to some regulations that prevent the company from maintaining an office there. 

That is soon going to change, however! We have information that the company is working hard on obtaining an Australian license. As a matter of fact, they expect they will get it by this summer (2020)! Therefore, the answer to the question “Is IQ Option available in Australia?” is not a resounding no but simply – not yet.

IQ Option Withdraw

IQ Option Withdraw

Of course, Australian traders can expect all the same features IQ Option offers all over the world – low financial requirements, advanced trading platform, loads of assets and excellent support. If you’re an Australian trader, you really have a great reason to be excited because one of the leading online brokers will become available to you soon.

ASIC and IQ Option Australia

But who will regulate IQ Option Australia? Which license will it have? Well, that task falls to ASIC, Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It is a governmental body in Australia, but an independent one, and it is tasked with overseeing the country’s financial system. It also has the power to legal actions against legal entities that impede the participation of “investors and consumers”, as they put it, on the market. Therefore, they are quite serious and an excellent test of IQ Option’s reliability. 

The thing is that the assessment process of IQ Option can take months, and that’s only once all the necessary documents have been provided. According to some sources, this usually takes between two or four months, depending on the documentation and the complexity of activities the applicant means to conduct. Therefore, it’s not exactly a walk in the park and the criteria a company has to meet are strict, but given that we know that the process is already well underway, we firmly believe IQ Option Australia will become a reality by summer, if not sooner!


IQ Option Australia | Conclusion

It’s time to wrap things up here, so we will repeat one more time that IQ Option Australia is not available at the moment, but that is going to change very soon. They are in the process of getting an ASIC license, something that obviously takes time, but by summer that whole process should be over. And ASIC is not some obscure regulatory body, either – they are an independent body of the Australian government, which means that there can be absolutely no doubt about their legitimacy and the legitimacy of IQ Option as a reliable brokerage company. Given that IQ Option has expanded pretty much all over the world, we are certain our Australian readers will soon have an incredible option for conducting their trades.  



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