IQ Option expanding to CFDs and forex

IQ Option CFDs

IQ Option CFDs

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Big news from the online trading industry, as one of the biggest binary options brokers, has announced that they will be expanding their offer significantly! Very soon you will be able to trade IQ Option CFDs and forex, which will give you even more possibilities to make some significant profit on this company’s website. If you know anything at all about this industry, you know how big and influential this company is. Therefore, this piece of news is certainly worthy of an article of its own because we have more details on what to expect, so read on.

IQ Option CFDs | A step forward

Like we said, IQ Option is one of the biggest companies of its type in the world. One of the main features of their policy is a constant innovation which was shown on numerous occasions in the past (new high-tech trading platform, low financial requirements etc). Because of that, they are not just one of the biggest, but also one of the very best in the business. As a consequence, the world of binary options has simply become too small for them and they decided to expand to other markets. This is a pioneering move in the industry, once again proving that this broker is quick to jump on any new trading trend that appears in the world. But when exactly will IQ Option CFDs be coming and what will they bring to us? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

IQ Option Forex Trading

IQ Option Forex Trading

IQ Option CFDs | When and what

Thanks to this major new addition to the company’s offer, the website itself will go through a major overhaul, so don’t be shocked if you log in one day to find a new trading environment. The process of adding IQ Option CFDs and forex to the website should be completed within the next two months and given the attention to details we saw when the broker implemented major changes previously, we can’t wait to see what they bring us next. The company has announced that we can expect more than just new trading possibilities to be added, so it will certainly be very interesting to see what road they decide to take. We have no doubt that they will do a spectacularly good job.

Below you can see how the brand-new CFD trading platform looks like. It’s worth to mention that the upcoming mobile app will share the very same design and functionality, which will make trading on mobile devices a fantastic experience.

IQ Option CFD Trading Platform

IQ Option CFD Trading Platform

IQ Option CFDs | Conclusion

IQ Option CFDs and forex represent a new chapter in the development of this huge and very reputable company. However, it seems they will not be the only new additions to a revamped website, but we should know more about that in approximately two months. In any case, it is very exciting to see this company continue to grow and set new standards in the binary options industry (or rather trading industry in general). We will, of course, monitor the developments carefully and if you want to do the same we suggest you sign up as soon as possible. We have a couple of exciting months ahead of us!


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