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IQ Option is one of the best brokers in the world, of that there can be no doubt. Since 2013, they have been providing all traders with world-class service and innovative trading solutions, and they quickly became a member of the online trading elite. All types of investments are covered by them – binary options, CFDs, forex and even cryptocurrencies. You name it, and it’s there.

Their decision to allow their clients to access the market for just a few dollars was a huge success and has allowed numerous people to experience the thrill of trading. Not only that, but many of them went on to become very successful traders. 

We will bring you some of these IQ Option success stories in this article, so if you want to see how good traders start out, just keep reading.

Risk warning: Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.

Fulfilling needs

Jonathan Hoffman from Leeds, England is a perfect example of the role IQ Option can play in a trader’s life. “I first heard about binary options somewhere at the start of 2014”, he tells us. “I decided to take a look. Obviously, I didn’t want to spend a lot because I knew nothing about this kind of trading, so after a bit of research I came across IQ Option. Their low financial requirements were just what I had intended to spend, so I opened an account, deposited using Skrill service and got hooked on trading almost immediately.



The support is excellent and the broker does its best to educate us and keep up with the latest trends, so I’m happy to come back and trade at any time. I can afford nice vacations now and my life’s quality has substantially improved because of this broker”, says this 29-year-old teacher. And things are about to get even better for him because the new platform, thoroughly described in our IQ Option Review article, has just been launched and it’s sure to bring a lot of new possibilities to people such as Jonathan.

IQ Option Forex Trading

IQ Option Forex Trading

Caution and success

Rebecca Brune from Cologne, Germany is another one of IQ Option success stories. This 37-year-old accountant started trading last year and was pretty suspicious of the whole thing at the beginning. “I was constantly asking myself how safe this type of trading really is, but after my first withdrawal via Neteller, I knew everything is going to be fine. You have to be careful with these things, but IQ Option has confirmed time and time again that this is a reliable company. I trade mostly in commodities, trying to play it safe, and so far the rewards have been quite substantial. I can go out more, enjoy life and I’ve even bought a new car. I really have no complaints whatsoever.” These original IQ Option success stories, along with our IQ Option Scam Inspection, are unbeatable proofs of this broker’s legitimacy and honesty. You won’t make a wrong choice if you start trading with IQ Option.

IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo

IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo


Lately, more and more people have been getting into the cryptocurrency trading business. No wonder, given how much Bitcoin went up recently. Of course, with such a big rise, somebody was bound to get lucky. Enter Alberto Contarini, a 32-year-old butcher from Naples, Italy. “I actually got myself a couple of bitcoins a few years back. It was more for entertainment, really, than as a serious investment. I just wanted to see whether or not the value would really rise. There were some pretty big swings, but I decided to stick by it, given that the overall result was positive. After a while, I stopped checking the price, but was reminded of it when it started surging. I couldn’t believe the growth. When the price hit 15,000 USD, I decided to sell, although it turned out later that I could’ve waited a bit more. Doesn’t matter, though – me and my wife now have brand new cars! The whole transaction was quick and smooth, and I’m especially grateful to IQ Option’s support team for all their help. I couldn’t dream of something like this happening to me.” Lucky guy, huh? We hope you’re enjoying your cars, Alberto!


IQ Option success stories can be found all over the world and they come from all types of trading. These three cases are just a small sample of how satisfied this broker’s clients actually are. Literally millions of people are trading on this website every single day because IQ Option offers the best possible service, no matter where you come from. Go ahead and become one of these IQ Option success stories – open an account with this reputable broker and start trading right away.



Risk warning: Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.

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Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page.