IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option Trading Platform

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The IQ Option binary broker does not need an introduction. Thanks to their impeccable promotion, almost all prospective traders are well aware of their existence. Indeed, they have stirred up quite a curiosity among many traders, who are wondering whether they are trustworthy or not, but IQ Option is a regulated broker and they have also won many awards in the industry that just goes to show their level of commitment. Hence, they can be trusted by new and experienced traders alike. However, there are indeed many aspects of this broker are which are yet to be explored. Like the IQ Option trading platform for instance – It is one of the things which has a lot to speak about itself.

IQ Option Trading Platform | The platform

It is heard that this broker has spent a fortune on its IT team to get the best platform designed. And indeed it has been successful, since this trader is praised for the uniqueness of its trading platform quite a lot of times and indeed there are some things on this platform which you will not find anywhere else. They have provided quite different charts, apart from the candlestick charts, as you can witness in our IQ Option Review 2016 article. A trader can even work with the Japanese candlestick charts on this platform. It gives a lot of flexible options to its traders. For example, you can work with Turbo-options 60-seconds trades on this platform.

IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo

IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo

IQ Option Trading Platform | Usability

It cannot be denied that usability is one of the prime factors in choosing a trading platform. No one wants a highly developed platform which they does not work properly and renders it ineffective. IQ option seems to have taken note of that because their platform is usable for both highly advanced traders as well as the novice traders.

The IQ Option Login and Trading Platform is designed such that all the latest designs will be available, yet they will not be complicated for the traders. If you want a combination of such features on a single platform, then you have to try IQ Option, as it is one of the most renowned brokers for its platform. They also have set of various languages like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian and a whole lot more, including of course English. So no matter where the traders hail from, they can use it easily. Plus, the broker is really easy to find as well. One can easily locate them on search engines.

IQ Option Trading Platform | Trading Instruments

In terms of trading instruments and assets, this platform has a huge variety. You can trade in 60 seconds turbo trades besides the regular binary options trades. The traders can choose different strategies to maximize their profits on this platform because they have a large number of trading options to choose from.

One can check out the platform of this trader by opening an absolutely free demo account as well. The demo accounts are completely free on this website and they offer you a glimpse of the platform. But if you want to try out the real trading features, then you can always open an account with a minimum deposit of 10 dollars with this platform.

IQ Option Tournament

IQ Option Trading Platform | Mobile platform

IQ Option also has a very mobile friendly platform. You can trade with their exclusive mobile apps through both iOS and the Android platforms. This is also very helpful as most people are busy throughout the day and one does not always have the time to sit in front of their computer and place trades. Most people trade in binary options as a part time investment. This is the reason the mobile trading platform is so important for an average trader. Thankfully, the IQ Option mobile trading platform is really easy to use and is also compatible with most smartphone devices.


IQ Option Trading Platform | Unique platform

On this platform you can quickly contact the support team and all the necessary requisites for trading are quite easily available. However, the things that may be distracting to an average trader have been skillfully removed. You might have noticed that the IQ Option platform provides an additional benefit for trading – such as the algorithm is simplified. These are the little things which make this platform unique.

Anyone can see that this platform is a little different from the rest in the market. There is a unique touch to this platform which is very different from the ones you would usually find. If you’re still not sure about the broker’s security, take a look at our IQ Option Scam Inspection results and let us reassure you that this is definitely a legit broker.

IQ Option Withdraw

IQ Option Withdraw

IQ Option Trading Platform | Educational material

One can easily notice that this site has ample educational material. Right from the IQ Option free demo account to its video tutorials, the traders can be benefitted from a huge range of features. But a good support also includes excellent customer services.

IQ Option provides its services to many countries in the world, which is why the customer support also manages to speak to them in their tone. One can always get in touch with them through telephone and email services. If you have chosen a high account type with more deposit, then you will also get a personal account manager.

There is uniqueness in this feature as well. Since IQ Option has its own software for trading and customer support, their support system is also very different from the ones which you will find on other platforms. But we assure you in our tests that the customer care responded very quickly to our concerns and gave us amicable solutions that were hassle-free.

IQ Option Tutorials

IQ Option Tutorials

IQ Option Trading Platform | Conclusion

IQ Option is one of the most renowned brokers in the market nowadays and they have been able to create a good reputation for themselves within a very short frame of time. This can be attributed solely to their unique features. They have been able to provide something which was lacking in the market – this is why they have surpassed all other traders on their platform’s aspect.

We say if you want a trading platform that is simple and also hosts advanced features, then this is the broker you are looking for. But we also suggest you chalk out a working pattern before venturing out. Practice trading on their demo accounts for a while. We are sure you will find their trading platform quite unique and refreshing.

The IQ Option trading platform offers over 70 assets for trading. Why don’t you get started with them today?


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