Is AlldayOption a Scam?

Is AlldayOption a Scam?

Is AlldayOption a Scam?

AlldayOption is a broker that was founded in 2014. During these two and a half years on the market, they have managed to establish themselves as a reliable subject in the binary options industry. They offer a great trading platform which allows for fast execution, plus there are many other interesting features you can use. However, there still are traders who don’t know much about this company and these people often ask themselves is AlldayOption a scam or a legit broker. That’s what we are going to answer in the rest of this article with the help of our experts. After a lot of time trading here, they know the broker inside and out. Read on and learn how safe this company actually is.

Is AlldayOption a Scam? | Trading software

The first thing that can tell us is AlldayOption a scam or not is the broker’s trading platform, and we have some very good news in this respect. Most importantly, the platform is based on SpotOption 2.0, currently the most popular and probably the best trading software in the world. Because of that, everything runs exceptionally smoothly, and all trades are executed in a blink of an eye. Of course, all assets’ prices (more than 150 of them) are updated regularly, so you always have the latest information at your disposal. There are also seven different trading modes you can choose between, all of which we have thoroughly tested. Not a single problem was ever encountered. On top of that, the broker also offers this platform as a free AlldayOption App, again with perfect execution. In short, the trading environment on this website is absolutely superb, so we can now turn to other aspects of the company’s offer. Is AlldayOption a scam when it comes to money transfers? Stay with us and find out!

AlldayOption Long Term

AlldayOption Short Term

Is AlldayOption a Scam? | Safety of funds

Naturally, when people ask is AlldayOption a scam, they first and foremost want to know that their money transfers will be completed without any troubles. Well, the methods you are offered for AlldayOption Minimum Deposit are all very reliable, starting with standard bank wire transfers and credit cards (Visa, Maestro and MasterCard), all the way to alternative methods like Skrill and Neteller. Naturally, in order for any transfer to go through, you will first have to verify your account by sending in some personal documents confirming your identity and current address. In addition, when performing an AlldayOption Withdrawal, you will also have to send in a signed withdrawal form. These are all practices in full accordance with the highest security standards in this industry, so you can rest assured that you will be very well protected. All data you share with the company will be heavily encrypted and thus inaccessible to any third party. We never had any trouble with our money transfers and the funds were always delivered to us within 5 days, as the broker promised. Therefore, we think this is another security aspect AlldayOption passes with flying colors. But we’re still not done with our tests!


Is AlldayOption a Scam? | The crew

When testing a broker’s reliability, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly check their customer support. Simply, you want to know that you’re dealing with competent people who can always help you out with the right piece of information at the right time. Besides, scam brokers will usually ignore your question, which means that coherent answers from the staff can immediately tell you that the broker is genuine. Fortunately, we had no problems contacting the support in this case, so that’s another part of the answer to the question “Is AlldayOption a Scam?” since the service was impeccable. You can contact them via a simple form on the company’s website, by calling one of six numbers listed there or simply by sending an e-mail. No matter which method you choose, you will be greeted by a competent and friendly person on the other side. They will always have an answer for you and guide you through whatever process you need to go through, so you can really rely on them to provide assistance whenever you need it. Great job, AlldayOption!

AlldayOption Banking History

AlldayOption Banking History

Is AlldayOption a Scam? | Policies

One more thing that can show us is AlldayOption a scam or not is the fact that this broker is very open and crystal clear about everything you can encounter while trading. Absolutely everything you need to know about the way they do business is accessible on their website. You can examine their Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and the necessary compliance procedures with a click of a button. And we really do recommend you go through all of it, especially if you’re still new to this type of trading. This way you will know exactly what needs to be done at every stage of the trading process and you will be able to come up with much more detailed plans and strategies. Combine that with the knowledge you gain from our AlldayOption Review 2017, and you will be perfectly well prepared to take the market on. The broker will do everything in its power to help you with that.

AlldayOption Home Page

AlldayOption Home Page

Is AlldayOption a Scam? | Conclusion

So, is AlldayOption a scam? No, we honestly think that it’s not. We went through all the most important features and all of them function perfectly. The platform is based on the finest software you can find in this industry, plus we can tell you from our own experience that the transfer methods are perfectly secure. They are also quite versatile, and all your data will be encrypted while you’re using them. Add to that the fact that you can always turn to a very friendly and capable support team, and you will realize that there is absolutely nothing to worry about while trading here. This is a perfectly reliable broker, so you are more than welcome to open an account with them. See for yourself why they have managed to achieve so much so quickly.


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