Is Ayrex a scam?

Is Ayrex a Scam?

Is Ayrex a Scam?

Ayrex is a binary options broker with almost six years of experience in the industry, so they have to be doing something right when it comes to the relationship they have with their clients. Still, we know many of you want to examine a broker’s features thoroughly before you make your choice. This article is for all traders who are wondering is Ayrex a scam or not because we are going examine their every feature from a security perspective. Our best experts are on the job, which means a lot of useful information in the next few paragraphs. Read on and see for yourself how reliable this company really is.

Is Ayrex a Scam? | License

The main thing you always want to look at when checking a company’s reliability is the regulation and licenses they have. This can tell us immediately is Ayrex a scam or a reliable broker. Well, we have some good news here. First of all, Ayrex has a business license Reg. no C44622, which means they were authorized to start providing trading services by the country they are located in. The country in question is St. Kitts and Nevis, in the Caribbean region, as the company is registered in the city of Charlestown.


Is Ayrex a Scam? | Trading environment

The next thing we’re going to examine here is the trading platform. Since this is where all the trading happens, it is important to know that the platform works correctly. The company created this platform on its own and we must say that it’s very impressive. Not only do you have a constant stream of information coming in from the market and keeping the prices always up to date, but the platform is extremely quick when it comes to executing trades, too. It takes less than 0.03 seconds to close a trade, which means no kind of Ayrex fraud that would involve manipulating market outcomes is possible. Furthermore, all trading modes work flawlessly, the graphs are always correct and you can even open an Ayrex Demo Account with just a single click. There are also mobile versions of this platform (for Android and iOS devices), so we can honestly say that you will have absolutely everything you need for a pleasant trading experience here.  However, we have more things to check before we can tell you for sure is Ayrex a scam or a reliable trading partner. Read on!

Ayrex One Touch

Ayrex One Touch

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Financial stuff

Of course, if there’s something we need to address in an article like this, it’s the way you can make your Ayrex Minimum Deposit and withdraw funds from your account. The methods include all the usual stuff like bank transfers and credit or debit cards (Maestro, Visa and MasterCard), but you can also use methods like Skrill, Neteller, Union Pay and Fasa Pay. Even bitcoin is in the mix for both withdrawals and deposits. Naturally, you will have to verify your account, and once you log in you will be able to study what the broker needs from you in much more detail. We will just say here that you have to confirm your residential address and identity. All your communication with the broker via their website will be encrypted by an SSL encryption system and the same goes for money transfers. Therefore, all you personal and financial information will be well protected and accessible only to you at all times. We tested each of the aforementioned methods and every time the money got where it was supposed to without the slightest problem. It should also be mentioned that most withdrawals (96% of them) are processed automatically. What this means is that there is nobody who can fiddle around with your funds and that computers do all the work. The risk of encountering any problems is therefore greatly reduced. Indeed, we saw no evidence of Ayrex scam here and the security system seems to be working perfectly, so let’s move on.

Ayrex Deposit Page

Ayrex Deposit Page

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Excellent support

Another thing that can tell you is Ayrex legit is the way they treat their clients. You can contact them via phone, e-mail and Facebook, but what really impressed us was the live chat option because the responses we got there were immediate. We never had to wait during the broker’s working hours, and the people who answered our questions were all very knowledgeable and experienced. There were no attempts at stalling and the staff never hesitated to answer any of our questions and never wasted our time by promoting some irrelevant offers. They always got right to the point.


This turned out to be the case with all contact methods; the service was of very high quality no matter how we approached the team. In short, you can trust these people to provide you with all the information you need about the company. Or you can simply read our Ayrex Review 2020, which is even quicker. You can also find explanations of the most popular trading strategies on the website, plus you will also be able to access a very detailed platform manual to help you master everything quickly. After all this, the question is Ayrex a scam shouldn’t really be an issue, but let’s see if other traders agree.

Ayrex Contact

Ayrex Contact

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Customer feedback

We decided to talk to some traders who traded with this broker before and the comments we got from them were overwhelmingly positive. This is mostly due to the fact that Ayrex really does allow you to test everything out with the demo account we mentioned earlier in this text. With this feature, you can really study the way this company does business without any financial risk whatsoever. People are really pleased that they can trade as much as they want with no questions asked, participate in contests with their demo accounts and maybe even win some prizes. “I think it’s really fair”, one trader told us, “and it shows that the company treats its clients with respect. That’s all we could really ask for.” With that, the only thing left for us to do is to conclude this article.

Is Ayrex a Scam? | Conclusion

Is Ayrex a scam? No, we honestly don’t believe it is. They have a license from the country they are based in and its trading platform is superb and leaves absolutely no room for any kind of manipulations. The transfer methods are quick, reliable and protected with a powerful encryption, so your money will always be safe. Even the support team is always there for you. But what impresses the most is the attitude this broker has toward its clients. The company really wants everyone to feel welcome on their website and goes to great lengths to achieve that. This may be just as important as the fact that Ayrex’s security system works flawlessly. Therefore, if you want to start trading without any stress and ease your way into this industry, this is the broker for you. Open an account with them now!


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