Is a scam? scam test has been in the trading business since the year 2000, so we think it’s pretty safe to say that they have proven their reliability time and time again. With over a million satisfied clients, there shouldn’t really be any doubt whether this company can make good on its promises. However, if you’re still a rookie trader wondering is a scam or not, we will show you everything that keeps you safe on this website. Our team of traders went in and examined the website’s security in a very detailed manner, so if you want to learn about that you’re in the right place. Stay with us and see how an experienced broker protects its clients.

Is a Scam? | Background

You may be surprised to hear all that about one million satisfied customers and 20 years in the business. Well, it’s true, this broker is that successful, only they were known under another name – That’s a much more familiar broker, right? Yes, is just rebranding of the famous online trading broker, and they are doing this primarily because they are revamping the whole website and changing the experience they clients will have. New assets will be added, most notable of which are certainly synthetic indices, but there will be even more pleasant surprises as time goes on. So, you can expect the same high standards here, but does that apply to the security aspect? That’s what we’re here to find out!

Is a Scam? | A huge number of licenses

The most reliable evidence of how secure a binary options broker is are the licenses the company has in its possession. Given that has been in the business for so long, you would expect it to have a license of its own and you would be right. However, there is something pretty remarkable this company has achieved in this respect, something that really puts it above all other brokers. You see, this company has no less than SEVEN different licenses! That’s right, seven of them! We have never encountered a broker that comes even close to this, so it really had to be mentioned right at the beginning of our scam test. The licenses in question come from the Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Malta, Vanuatu, British Virgin Islands and Labuan (Malaysia). The agencies from these countries are all well respected in the world of online finance and we could end our article right now and leave it at that, but we will show you more evidence that security system works perfectly. Read on! Regulation Regulation

Is a Scam? | Safe transactions

Asking “Is a scam?” usually first and foremost means that you want to make sure that the broker will always treat your money the right way. Well, you certainly don’t have to worry about that here. Apart from 11 different methods for deposits and Withdrawal and very low financial requirements, you can count on the utmost security of your personal and financial data. First of all, an impenetrable SSL encryption makes sure you are the only one with access to that information. Second, everything the broker does or asks of you is in full accordance with international anti-money laundering practices and trading laws and regulations. Payment Methods Payment Methods

Should you have any complaints regarding the way this company conducts its business, you can always file a complaint to them and if its outcome does not satisfy you, you always have the option to take things to one of the company’s regulators. In short, there is always a way for you to seek justice if you feel that you were wronged, but we honestly think it won’t come to that. This broker is simply too professional and does its best to make sure traders feel good on their website. However, there are more things to discuss, so keep reading!


Is a Scam? | Reliable platforms

If you have already read our Review 2021, then you know that trading platforms are one of this company’s strongest assets. Yes, there are several of them, which means you can choose the one that fits your skill level and trading style perfectly. We have thoroughly tested all of them (even the Apps) and found absolutely no problems whatsoever. The information we got from our platforms was always perfectly accurate and every trade we opened was executed on time and exceptionally smoothly. Thanks to the great design, nothing is hidden from you and you can even enjoy all the benefits of 2-way pricing: the platform will immediately tell you how much you stand to gain from each of the two possibilities you have. This makes trading here very transparent and provides you with more information relevant to your investment decision. Be aware, however, that you can find platforms here that are more suited for experienced traders and those designed with beginners in mind and they differ in the amount of details you receive from the market. But no matter which one you pick, there are absolutely no signs of fraud in any of them, so we can move on with our analysis. Apps Apps

Is a Scam? | Always there to help

Another thing that can tell you is a scam or not is the company’s customer support. This is another thing this company does exceptionally well because the team in charge of helping traders is very well trained, patient and able to explain everything in such a way that even the beginners will understand. You can contact them by e-mail, live chat and calls which are completely toll-free. Absolutely everything that has to do with can be the topic of your discussion with these people, from transfer methods to programming your Robot. The staff is quick to respond, so you shouldn’t wait long to get your questions answered. Of course, they are also active on social networks, which is another way you can find out what interests you. In any case, with these people, you will never be left to your own devices and there will always be someone backing you up. Contact Contact

Is a Scam? | Conclusion

After all of this, asking is a scam seems pretty ridiculous. The fact that they have been around for about 20 years should be enough, but when you add to that the fact that this company has six different licenses there can be absolutely no room for doubt. This number of licenses is simply staggering and cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. In addition, the money transfers work just as you would expect, the platforms are smooth and constantly updated and the support team is always at your disposal. Binary options brokers simply do not get any more reliable than this and if you want to start trading, you won’t find a better partner. Open an account here today!


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