Is Porter Finance a Scam?

Porter Finance Scam Inspection

Is Porter Finance A Scam?

Given the fact that Porter Finance was launched in 2014, it is no wonder that a lot of traders who come across this broker ask themselves is Porter Finance a scam or not. People tend to be careful around new brokers, which should come as no big surprise because it’s quite natural to want to make sure your hard earned money is in capable hands. This is where we come in – we examine the broker and everything it has to offer thoroughly, so you know exactly what to expect when you start trading. We have created this article in order to test all the broker’s vital functions, and this is what we think when asked is Porter Finance a scam.

Is Porter Finance a Scam? | Our experience

We have spent quite some time with Porter Finance and we can confirm that they respect their withdrawal deadlines, because every time we wanted to withdraw our money, it would appear in the bank account within seven days, in accordance with all terms and conditions stated by the broker. Prices displayed on the trading platform were also perfectly correct and we have observed no attempts to manipulate the expiration date in order to make our investment end up out of the money. This is something scammers often do, but with Porter Finance this was certainly not the case. Also, a very few legit Porter Finance Complaints can be found, so this broker truly is near perfection. So, if anyone should ever ask us is Porter Finance a scam, our answer would without a doubt be – not a chance.

Is Porter Finance a Scam? | Demo account

But don’t take just our word for it. You can open an account with this broker and ask your account manager for a demo account. This feature will allow you to test everything Porter Finance has to offer without risking a single cent in the process. You will be able to explore every nook and cranny of this company’s website and eventually decide for yourself is Porter Finance a scam. And once you’ll begin trading for real, you can consult our Porter Finance Review 2016 for any additional information you might need. But when you think about it, just the fact that this feature is available says a lot about the company because they are inviting you to come and experience trading with them for yourself, meaning they have nothing to hide.

Porter Finance Trading Platform

Porter Finance Trading Platform

Is Porter Finance a Scam? | Conclusion

As we have already said, we believe that this broker is as legit as they come and that no trader has anything to worry about when trading with Porter Finance. You can easily check everything for yourself, but a well designed security system should put your mind at ease. Is Porter Finance a scam can also be easily answered if you know that this one of the fastest growing brokers in the last year, which means that a lot of people have enjoyed their service and decide to stay with this broker. We therefore encourage you to open an account with Porter Finance now and see for yourself that this is a perfectly safe broker.

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Author: Mark Watson

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