Ivory Option Minimum Deposit

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit

Ivory Option looked like what seemed to be a very promising binary options broker. High payouts and other interesting features were supposed to guarantee traders that they are going to have a great time trading here. Unfortunately this was not the case. Ivory Option minimum deposit is just a first step of a very intricate scam, so the best ting you can do is avoid this broker completely. Learn why in the rest of this review.

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit | Getting started

Just as you would expect from any reliable broker, the process of opening an account is fairly simple. You only have to fill out a short form and soon you will be able to start trading.

You begin with basic information about yourself and after you fill that out, you will receive an email. Once registered, then will be asked to go through the process of funding your account. This can be done a via wire transfer or by using a credit/debit card.

Ivory Option minimum deposit is set to $250, but you can invest as much as $5000 at once. We strongly suggest you don’t do it, however, because the chances are you won’t see that money again. In our experience, the broker is not willing to allow you to withdraw your money, be it profits or simply the amount you deposited. They will simply leave you and take your money.  For more info, follow the link to Ivory Option’s Review where we describe what happened to us in more detail.

Ivory Option Deposit Page

Ivory Option Deposit Page

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit | MINIMUM TRADES

The broker states that the minimal trade amount on the platform is $5 per trade. A fairly low requirement, so you’d think you can do a lot of trading with just one Ivory Option minimum deposit. Well, actually you can, but you won’t get anything out of it.

The trading platform is more limited than other brokers as Ivory Option platform focuses on the main assets and give better pay-outs on those which are most commonly traded such as oil, natural gas, gold, and currency pairs. 

Ivory Option High Yield

Ivory Option High Yield

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit | DEPOSIT METHODS

The broker invites you to make your Ivory Option minimum deposit over the internet via credit/debit cards, and wire transfer. Again, this is fairly usual, although the absence of e-wallets may imply that this is not a reliable company. However, this is far from any concrete evidence, just a feeling more experienced traders may get when they see the offer. Because of that, we pushed on and made an Ivory Option minimum deposit.

For setting up the account you’ll need to speak with someone, and they will be kind to you and very helpful, but only until you make a deposit. After that, people at the support section become extremely difficult to reach and Ivory Options Withdrawal becomes almost impossible.

Ivory Option Minimum Deposit | CONCLUSION

We can only conclude this review with a warning: Stay away from Ivory Option! Although they do seem like a regular broker at first and although Ivory Option minimum deposit is more or less what you would expect, the problems begin when you want to withdraw your money. And if that process is not reliable, the broker itself cannot be considered reliable. There are many other brokers out there that will treat you with respect, so open an account with one of them instead. 


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