Ivory Option Review 2017 – update

2017 UPDATE: During the last year, we have seen no improvements in the way this company conducts its business. As a matter of fact, the number of complaints from traders has increased. Therefore, we still maintain that you should avoid this broker and opening a trading account with them. Simply, there is absolutely no guarantee that your money will reach you and that this broker will treat you fairly. Because of all that, we recommend to all traders that they listen to the warning from the top of this page and that they click on the button above this update to choose an honest and reliable trading partner.

Ivory Option Review

Ivory Option Review

The purpose of this Ivory Option Review 2017 is to show traders what to expect from this particular company. We have spent a considerable amount of time trading on their website and we have some very important first-hand information that we think you should hear. In this article, we will go through all the most important features of this broker’s offer, such as Ivory Option minimum deposit and withdrawal, their trading platform and so on. The company brags about their clients coming from more than 70 countries, but we really don’t think these people are very satisfied with what they get from their trading experience. Our opinion is that you will expose yourself to an Ivory Option scam if you decide to deposit your money here. Everything will be explained in the rest of this article, so read on and learn all about this company. This article could potentially save you a lot of money. 

Ivory Option Home Page

Ivory Option Home Page

Ivory Option REVIEW 2017 | Trading Platform

To open up this Ivory Option Review 2017, we must say that this broker allows traders to handle their own accounts, and to determine how much to invest on each trade themselves. Binary options are different than other forms of market participation, as they allow traders to act on markets in real-time without having to speak with anyone. They can simply log into their accounts and start trading for themselves.  The platform is an easy to navigate site that clearly presents what the outcome of the trade will pay.

The amount of money that can be earned by trading binary options is unlike any other form of online trading, even forex trading. Ivory Option is one of many brokerages that gives people from all over the world an opportunity to trade assets online from the comfort of their homes. Or so you would think. We found that this company is not honest towards its clients, especially when it comes to allowing you to make an Ivory Option Withdrawal, so you should think twice before you start trading here. However, we’ll talk about that a bit later.

At first, it all seems quite appealing because Ivory Option offers rates as high as 91% on day trades. Day trading has evolved giving the power of choice to the traders. Binary options accept trades of future values, as short as 60 seconds or as long as 6 months. Weekend trading is also available with Ivory Option’s One Touch trading system.  The One Touch is much harder for traders to make successful trades, however the payouts are an outstanding 400% and up. We’ll talk some more about risks in this Ivory Option review, so stay with us.

Ivory Option High Yield

Ivory Option High Yield

Ivory Option REVIEW 2017 | Risks

When trading binary options, it is important to realize that you are not taking control of the asset, only that you are trying to predict the future direction of where the asset will take. Forex is more complicated and harder to make successful trades, as forex trading makes the investor set the predicted price, and only paying if that prediction is accurate. With binary options, the trader only needs to guess the direction that the asset will reach in the future, there are only two choices, Up or Down with a binary option.

All of this, however, works only if you have a reliable broker, which is not the case here. When you open an account with a trading company, you expect them to behave in accordance with all rules of this industry – they should make the latest prices available to you, make sure your trades are executed smoothly and provide you unimpeded access to your trading funds. Unfortunately, the latter is not the case here. In the next part of this Ivory Option review we will give you a detailed account of all the problems we experienced while trading here, so don’t go away. 

Ivory Option Review 2017 | Banking

First of all, let us say that Ivory Option Minimum Deposit is set to $250, maybe a little too steep, but nothing out of the ordinary. This can be done via credit cards, online payment methods or wire transfers and the whole thing works perfectly fine. The withdrawal is where the problems occur and this is what we want to warn you about in this Ivory Option review.

You see, after trading with this company for some time, we wanted to withdraw what we had in our trading account. All the conditions for this process were fulfilled, including account verification, so we filed in our withdrawal request. The broker’s website states that it may take up to 10 days (depending on the method you choose) for your money to show in your ban account, so we were prepared to wait. However, after more than two weeks no money appeared, so we wanted to see what’s going on.  

Ivory Option Deposit Page

Ivory Option Deposit Page

Every trader that registers for an account with Ivory Option is assigned a dedicated broker. The brokers are typically assigned by region and language, but we were completely ignored by him when we tried to get an explanation. The same happened with the rest of the support team, as live chat operators would cease talking to us when they’d realize who we are and the company’s phone numbers were of no use either. We still haven’t received a single cent to this very day, and the only thing left for us to do is to warn all traders not to conduct their business here. More details about this story can be found in our Ivory Option Scam Test, so if you need more proof, head on over there, but the bottom line is – stay away.

Ivory Option Review 2017 | Conclusion

To conclude this Ivory Option Review 2017, we’ll say that this broker is not what it claims to be. After our experience with them, we cannot recommend this company to anyone. It all seems pretty attractive on paper because you are promised high payouts, great trading platform and plenty of assets, but when you realize that you can’t withdraw your hard-earned money, that this is all an Ivory Option scam it all comes crashing down. It saddens us to have to conclude this Ivory Option review on such a negative note, but our goal is to bring the truth about binary options brokers to our traders and that’s what we gotta do. You can find plenty of reliable alternatives to this broker on our website, so go ahead and see what we have on them.

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