MarketsWorld Review

MarketsWorld Review

MarketsWorld Review

Do we have a broker for you this time! MarketsWorld binary options has been in the online trading business since 2011, and during this time they have perfected both their website and their offer. If you want a pleasant trading environment, this is where you want to go.

Great design and fantastic offers await you, but we will go through all of that in the rest of this article. Don’t worry; our MarketsWorld review is going to be just as thorough as all others, so you will be able to see exactly what you can expect when you start trading here.

Still, some coherent structure is needed if we are to help you, which is why we have to things from the top. Read on!



– low financial requirements

– great bonus options

– support responds quickly

– attractive design

– demo account can be opened very quickly

– interesting blog

– the app doesn’t support Apple devices

– could use more assets

First impressions

As soon as you arrive to the broker’s website, you will be pleasantly surprised – the whole thing looks great, with all sorts of options just a click away. We don’t usually emphasize a website’s design this much, but this one really deserves praise. This really felt like the perfect way to start our MarketsWorld review. All those tabs at the top of the screen immediately reveal that you have a lot of exploring to do, but the deals below are even more attractive. What we particularly liked was the inclusion of daily news in the lower third of the website’s main page, so you can immediately find out what has been going on in the business world. MarketsWorld is primarily a binary options broker (more on your trading options later in the review), so before you start investing, you might want to test things out first if this is not the type of trading you’re very familiar with. We’ll show you how to do that­­­­­­­­­ in the next paragraph, and you are going to love it.

Test everything with MarketsWorld demo account

More experienced among you have already guessed that MarketsWorld demo account is what we will be examining next. And the broker really has made sure that everyone can use it without any problems and that with it you have the next best thing after a live account. Why do we say all of this? Well, because MarketsWorld demo account does not require you to make a deposit or pay any fees. All you have to do is create it through a simple form where you choose your username, password and set your e-mail address. And that’s it! There are no time limitations you need to worry about, plus you can always refill your virtual account balance without any costs whatsoever. In short, the way this free MarketsWorld demo account works is everything a trader could hope for. Naturally, it is a perfect replica of a live account (to which you can upgrade it easily), since the broker wants you to get used to their trading platform before placing your first investment. Allow us to say here that there is only one kind of live account, which means you won’t have to pay extra to gain access to all features – everything is readily available, no matter how much you deposit. In any case, all these features make this a perfect way to learn and test strategies out, but since we’ve already brushed upon the platform, that’s what we will check out next. Stay with us, MarketsWorld review is just heating up!

MarketsWorld Demo Account

MarketsWorld Demo Account

MarketsWorld trading platform is unique

Given that you can trade MarketsWorld binary options here, it is interesting to see what your trading environment has to offer. First of all, allow us to say that the user interface is crisp and very clear, so you will have absolutely no problems finding your investment target. What is interesting to note, however, is the fact that the MarketsWorld trading platform is a unique product developed by the company itself. This also means that the platform is constantly upgraded, so there is always a chance you’ll be surprised by a new feature when you log in.

Expiry times range from one minute to the end of the day, which should give you enough flexibility when planning your investments. Maximum investment per trade is 1000 USD (or any other of the accepted currencies), and you can also choose between candlestick and line charts, standard and countdown modes, light and dark interfaces etc. Another big advantage of the MarketsWorld trading platform is the fact that your potential profits go up to 90%, which is a pretty substantial amount when compared to the rest of the industry. The trades are executed very quickly, and everything goes through very smoothly, so we have absolutely no reason to complain about the overall trading experience. As a matter of fact, it gets even better if you want to trade on the move. Keep reading to learn all about it.

MarketsWorld Trading Platform

MarketsWorld Trading Platform

How to use MarketsWorld app?

Yes, MarketsWorld trading platform also comes as an app, and a pretty good one, too. Naturally, it is completely free and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, at this moment at least, the MarketsWorld trading app is not available for iOS devices. Those among you with Android devices, on the other hand, are in for a treat because this is exactly the same as trading on your desktop computer, only slightly adjusted to accommodate the screen on your mobile device. MarketsWorld app will allow you to use your demo account, get the same assets and trade in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. It is also available in eight different languages, so essentially no matter where you’re from you will be able to use this product very easily. Great design also helps this, but what is perhaps most important to mention is that MarketsWorld app is constantly updated. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise us if a new language was added soon, or if it finally became available for iOS devices, which we sincerely hope will be the case. You may be wondering after all of this how much you need to start trading with this company. That will be the topic of the next part of this MarketsWorld review, so don’t go away – the best is yet to come!

Sensational MarketsWorld minimum deposit

You can’t trade if you don’t have any funds in your account, everybody knows that. But MarketsWorld deposit is really something very special, both in terms of numbers and in terms of channels you can use to transfer the money. Before we go on, however, we have to emphasize that all monetary transactions are perfectly safe, as discussed more thoroughly in our WorldsMarket Scam Test.

Let’s start with the deposit methods first – apart from wire transfers and standard Visa and MasterCard cards, you can use numerous Visa variations (like Electron, Debit and Purchase), Maestro, Switch and Solo. Even Neteller is in the mix here. You must admit, then, that you are pretty well covered when it comes to this particular process.
However, it’s the numbers which pop up when you want to complete a MarketsWorld deposit that make this broker stand out from the rest of the pack. First of all, there are no deposit fees you need to worry about, but the main thing you need to know is that the MarketsWorld minimum deposit is set to just 10 USD, the lowest possible amount in the industry. Furthermore, you can also make your deposit by using GBP, EUR, CAD and AUD, and for them too, the minimum deposit is just 10 units of each currency. The minimum trade requirement is set to only one dollar, pound or euro, so you will be able to trade and earn even with this lowest initial investment. Therefore, we can conclude that trading here is fairly accessible, but what about getting your money back? More on that in the next part of this MarketsWorld review.

MarketsWorld Payment Methods

MarketsWorld Payment Methods

Smooth MarketsWorld withdrawal

Withdrawing money is a process that does not tolerate any mistakes. Things have to go perfectly if you are to be able to trust your broker. Don’t worry; MarketsWorld withdrawal does indeed work without the slightest hitch, but there are some things you need to know before you initiate the transaction.
First of all, every MarketsWorld withdrawal will be processed back to the first method you used to make a deposit. Should you withdraw more than the amount you deposited, though, the profit will be delivered to you via the last method you used to make a deposit. This is standard practice in the industry to prevent any illegal activities, so you have nothing to worry about.
The broker maintains its low-requirement policy here too because there are no MarketsWorld withdrawal fees you need to worry about. The only time they will be applied is if you decide to withdraw by wire transfer (the fee in this case is 50 USD), but even here the broker will cover the expenses once a month. Minimum MarketsWorld withdrawal is also 10 dollars, but there is no upper limit to how much you can transfer back to your account, which means you can pick up and leave whenever you want. On top of that, there is no limit when it comes to the number of these processes you can do every month, either. Naturally, you are able to cancel the request before it gets processed, and it usually takes between three and seven days for the money to appear in your account.
All things considered, this is a very fair and reliable process. As a matter of fact, we would argue this is the second most important reason for the broker’s success. What’s the first one? Continue reading and you’ll see very quickly.

Incredible MarketsWorld bonus policy

If all of this has not sparked your interest yet, MarketsWorld bonus policy will surely to that because it contains some of the most attractive deals in the industry. Where do we even start? Well, the first bonus you can get is the MarketsWorld welcome bonus which can be as high as 100% (up to 1000 USD). All you have to do is enter the bonus code 100CM when making a deposit and the bonus will be activated. However, this is only the beginning.
Another very interesting option is the fact that you can also get one risk-free trade when you start trading here. This can be worth up to 50 dollars and will trigger automatically if your first trade doesn’t win. Just don’t forget to enter the bonus code here too (50RFT) when depositing. In addition to that, MarketsWorld also offers a refer-a-friend bonus. For every person you manage to persuade to open an account and make a deposit here, you will get 100% of what they deposit (up to 500 dollars), which is another great deal.

More or less, all of these features can easily be found with other brokers, but now we get to MarketsWorld bonuses that put this company significantly above the competition. The first among them is the monthly loyalty reward you get here. Depending on how much you trade here, at the beginning of each month the broker will release additional funds to your account. This is a pretty unique offer in the industry, but what we have in store next will really delight you. You see, if you’re a new client or have a MarketsWorld demo account, you are eligible for a no-deposit bonus! All you have to do is enter NDB10 and you will receive 10 dollars to your account completely free. This is a truly spectacular offer because you don’t have to deposit literally anything to start trading here. In theory, you can trade with pure profit, thanks to this option. Be advised, though, that each bonus has a turnover requirement you have to meet if you want to withdraw it. Usually, it is set to 50 times the size of the bonus you get, which is perhaps slightly higher than average, but not by much.
Still, after all this, we bet you’re pretty excited to see what else we have to say in MarketsWorld review. Stick around and you won’t be disappointed.

MarketsWorld Bonuses

MarketsWorld Bonuses

MarketsWorld blog will help you out

If you’re looking for a place where you can get some good trading tips and create a viable MarketsWorld strategy, the blog on this company’s website is where you need to go. It is divided into three different parts – education, market analysis and news – so it has pretty much everything you need to know about trading. There are literally hundreds of articles here, and new ones are published regularly, which means that you will always have something interesting to read. Each article is very thorough, and those more analytical among you will love reading them just because the amount of data you can get from each of them is so big. A detailed glossary can also help you come up with or improve your MarketsWorld strategy, especially if you’re a beginner, but we definitely recommend following the broker’s daily analyses if you can. You can leave a comment on every text they publish, but there is a much better way of communicating with the company. We actually loved how dedicated its staff is to every trader, but more on that in the next part of MarketsWorld review.

MarketsWorld Blog

MarketsWorld Blog

MarketsWorld support

The support you get on this website is nothing short of excellent. A team of very competent people is on call around the clock, so whenever you need anything all you have to do is ask.
MarketsWorld binary options can be contacted by e-mail, phone or even fax, plus the broker has also clearly stated its address on the website, so you can use that if you need it, too. In addition, they are also active on several social networks (Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter), which is also a way to contact them. There is also a great FAQ page you should definitely check out because a whole lot of information is disclosed there covering various aspects of trading.
What we liked the most, however, is the MarketsWorld live chat. It is an excellent way to resolve every issue since a support team member will be with you almost immediately. These people know everything there is to know about this website and trading in general and will always be able to give you a useful tip at the very least. In addition to all of this, the website is available in 12 different languages, from English, German and French, to Chinese and Thai. Pretty much all of the globe is covered, and no matter where you come from you will be able to start trading here effortlessly. But don’t think this site is perfect – we have more things to analyse in this MarketsWorld review, and we will now see what can be improved in the broker’s offer.

MarketsWorld Contact

MarketsWorld Contact

Are there any MarketsWorld complaints?

In order to show you that not everything is picture-perfect, we did come across some things we think can be executed better. In other words, there are some MarketsWorld complaints we have to bring to your attention. First, something we mentioned earlier, mobile Apple devices are, at the moment at least, not supported by the broker’s app. Another thing we think could be better is the selection of available assets. While the platform does work perfectly, we believe the overall offer on this website would benefit immensely from a few more investment choices. And that’s pretty much it. Even other traders agree on this and their MarketsWorld complaints head in pretty much the same direction. However, we have to emphasize that both we and most other people who trade here on regular basis feel that the advantages significantly outweigh these minor objections we have. Also, given the fact that the company is continuously working on upgrading trading conditions here, we’re sure these things will be fixed fairly soon. Apart from this, there are no serious problems to report. Everything else works as you would expect from a company that has been around for this long. All things considered, our MarketsWorld review is more than positive. One last paragraph left to summarize why.

MarketsWorld review – conclusion

We can say nothing else to in this guide except that the overall impression we got from trading here is indeed very good. MarketsWorld trading experience is something every trader should check out, primarily because of the low financial requirements. This fact should definitely appeal to people who want to enter this industry slowly, which is, let’s be honest, a pretty big number. However, we think that there is something even better on this website because MarketsWorld bonus policy is something truly spectacular. There are so many ways to gain extra trading funds with this broker that nobody can remain cold once they see what they can get. Obviously, there are other great things you can try out – demo account and the mobile app are just some of them – which really provides you with a lot of reasons to stick with this company and keep trading with them. Therefore, if you want a company that approaches things with a breath of freshness, while still maintaining a very high degree of reliability, open an account with MarketsWorld. Entering the market could not be any easier.

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