MyOption Review

MyOption Review

MyOption Review

MyOption is a binary broker owned and operated Aldo Trading Ltd. Binary option pay offs have only two possible outcomes, a fixed monetary amount of some asset or nothing whatsoever. With binary options, clients trade global financial markets, as well as contemplate on the direction in which the asset is going to close at. When a client uses the MyOption platform, they can set their preferred payout and rebate, depending on how they feel about that particular trade, therefore that client knows the potential outcome of the trade. While using MyOption, trading opportunities are available for all market conditions, whether the volatility is high or low at that time. This MyOption review is to help potential traders better understand how the company works and how to use the tools the MyOption website supplies. This MyOption review will go over the different strategies used by the MyOption website, as well as the investing assets and the different options to go with these topics. This MyOption review will also explain how the expiration time works along with at what intervals a client can set the expiration times.

MyOption Review | StrategiX

StrategiX is a four in one trading panel advanced MyOption clients use for quick reactions to trading decisions. For each option, the profit is between 70% and 500%. In this MyOption review, StrategiX will be explained so that potential clients can understand which of the four options would suit them the best.

MyOption Trading System

MyOption Review | Trading Options

Above/Below Option

This option would be suitable during high volatility when the market is expected to make aggressive movements. Profit is made if the asset price closes above or below the upper or lower strike prices at the time that it expires.

Range Option

Range option is for low volatility when the market trend is uncertain. Payout occurs if the asset price closes only between the spot market price and upper or lower strike prices at the time it expires.

Touch Option

This type of option is to give traders a successful strategy in high volatility markets. Payout only occurs if the asset price touches the upper or lower strike prices before expiration.

No Touch Option

The no touch option is for when there is a decrease in market volatility. Payout happens when the asset price touches the upper or lower strike prices before it expires.

Commodity Binary Option

This option varies from energy derivatives to a variety of metals. Clients can predict if the commodity price will close above or below the current price for a certain expiration. They can then trade at the rebate level they are the most comfortable with.

Forex Binary Option

With Forex, clients can trade to global markets, even when the market has a low volatility. This option is ideal for beginner traders as it has a predetermined payout. If an economic event has a high impact, currencies are always available for trading.

Stock Binary Option

Clients can gain profit using the stock binary option whether the market is rising or falling. This option offers the ability to trade individual stocks within a short time frame. Basically all you have to do is follow your favorite stock and start earning profit from what you know about that particular stock.

Index Binary Option

Clients use this option to track price change of an array of entire markets. This option also offers access to a variety of equity indices.

MyOption Trading System High Yeild

MyOption Review | Beginner Binary Traders

MyOption also has trading for beginners who are new to the binary trading world. Beginners will need to select their asset, expiry time to trade, as well as their preferred payout or rebate. They then will select their direction and enter their investment amount. Expiry times are offered at 60 seconds or 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

MyOption Review | Investing Assets

Investing assets for MyOption has four binary options to choose from. A client can pick from the Commodity Binary option, Forex Binary option, Stock Binary option, and the Index Binary option.

MyOption Review | Conclusion

While doing this MyOption review, it was noticed that MyOption has no hidden fees or expenses. It offers a variety of strategies, including StrategiX, as well as the different types of investing assets. MyOption is also great for beginners as they offer free training classes and support plans for their new and existing clients. Hopefully this MyOption review will help you in your decision to join the binary trading industry.




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