New IQ Option products – interview

New IQ Option Products

New IQ Option Products

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When you get a chance to talk to people from one of the most influential online brokers in the world, you simply have to make time for an interview. Given that new IQ Option products were launched recently, this was the perfect excuse to have a chat with one of the company’s account managers who could tell us all about this hot topic.

Jennifer Sund, an IQ Option VIP account manager was our host on this occasion, and she was more than willing to help us with everything we wanted to know.

In a short and sweet conversation, we actually found out many interesting facts, so we sincerely recommend you stick with this slightly different article than usual.

First of all, can you introduce yourself to our readers, Jennifer? What do we need to know about you?

Well, my name is Jennifer Sund, and I’m half German and half Zambian, but I grew up in several countries – Cyprus, Denmark, Qatar and Malaysia. I finished my education in Denmark where I studied Business administration, but I always had a sense for travel and originally wanted to be an air hostess as to me, when I was younger and traveling a lot, that seemed like a simply amazing job. I always flew with big commercial airlines where the stewardesses really were graceful and full of style, but still always helped passengers and had this huge responsibility to ensure safety and security. That always stuck with me and through the experience of working in customer service oriented fields, I learned this and I do believe that it’s the most important aspect of any business – that you provide your customer with all the trust and support they need and more. Here at IQ Option, we very much praise this concept and it’s definitely what we as Account Managers prioritize and what is also our purpose – to deliver the best customer service and to listen to and guide every client.

New IQ Option products are have just been released, what can you tell us about them? What are their most important features?

The new IQ Option products are of very high quality – maybe even the best in the field. The main aim is to give traders the best variety and opportunities for their trading, with all the support and flexibility needed for the best trading experience.

For example, our Forex platform is designed with a very user-friendly interface that allows you to execute your trades with more control and security. Thanks to this, you will know exactly how you want to make your entry or exit.

Crypto currencies are also getting a buzz-worthy reputation as many investors are looking into the value of virtual currencies – IQ Option is offering the easiest and quite affordable access to this market to any trader who wants to get in on the cryptocurrency trading trend.

IQ Option Manager Jennifer Sund

IQ Option Manager Jennifer Sund

As an Account Manager you communicate with traders a lot. What questions do people usually ask you?

The most common questions are about technical analysis and how the functions and tools on the IQ Option trading platform can optimize a trader’s approach. We offer some of the most popular graphical and technical analysis tools, so there are always plenty of options. These tools are an essential part in understanding what might be a good time for a trader to enter the market and execute a trade, but at the same time you can learn and have more knowledge about market movements with their help.

So, new IQ Option products are out and there are loads of ways you can get the most out of trading with them. The broker has made sure all the tools you need are just a click away and that you have excellent support backing you up every step of the way. They have already conquered the binary options industry, so now their eyes are set on pretty much all aspects of online trading. You really don’t want to miss out on what this company has added to its arsenal. Open an account with them and you can be sure you will have access to the best solutions in the whole online industry. Best of luck in your trading!



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