New UFX cryptocurrencies

UFX New Cryptocurrencies

UFX New Cryptocurrencies

The world of online trading is constantly changing. Because of that, if it wants to survive, a brokerage company has to change with it. It has to follow trends and expand its offer with new assets whenever possible. UFX is a perfect example of how to do that because it is a forex broker that has embraced the inevitability of cryptocurrencies and made these virtual coins a part of its website. It seems like that was a pretty lucrative move, since the investment possibilities here are now expanding with new UFX cryptocurrencies. As always, our team is on top of things, so we have absolutely everything you need to know about these new assets. Read on and enjoy!

Seven new assets

Let’s get straight to the point – there are seven new UFX cryptocurrencies in total, including YOYOW, Santiment, Eidoo, ETP, QASH, Streamr and the BTC/EUR pair. They are all potential powerhouses on the market in the near future, which just proves that the company is well aware of the situation on the cryptocurrency market. We’ll say a thing or two about each of them, starting with YOYOW, a very interesting system meant to help content producers on the internet get a decent return for their efforts. Eidoo is showing great promise as a multifunctional wallet and a hybrid exchange in one, whereas Santiment is focused on verifying data from the cryptocurrency world. These are the three heavy-hitters in the line-up, but the others are nothing to sneeze at, too.

UFX Cryptocurrencies

UFX Cryptocurrencies

Trade them on an excellent platform

If you haven’t read our UFX Review 2018, we have to tell you that the trading platform on the company’s website is really something special. Naturally, you will be able to enjoy all of its features with new UFX cryptocurrencies too, so if you want a high-tech and data-rich trading environment, this is certainly the place for you. But to get back to the coins themselves, QASH is trying to deal with potential liquidity problems that may arise if people start thinking of cryptocurrencies as solely investments for the future. Streamr is dedicated to making data streams monetizable, and ETP is actually a token on the Metaverse platform which is trying to create a system of so called smart properties. Plenty of trends and developments in the crypto world are encompassed by these coins, so jump in and join the action.


To conclude, new UFX cryptocurrencies show that the broker’s decision to introduce virtual coins into its offer was more than justified. As a matter of fact, they prove that it was a lucrative move which attracted many traders, and with these new additions you get to experience this fledgling new world much more intensely. These coins are not exactly mainstream, but they do show that the company is following the market closely. So, if you want to trade them on a really impressive platform, just open your account with UFX and you will be able to bury yourself and invest in all kinds of tokens, coins and blockchain projects. Good luck!


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